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About Us

What is Appsfresh?

Many entrepreneurs and designers want to create apps for the different App Stores. One of the main challenges we face is coding. What if we could create games or apps without knowing how to code? This is what Appsfresh is about.
Talented programmers create source codes for you to purchase for commercial purposes.

Appsfresh is a curated marketplace for mobile app source code as a product.

You may additionally purchase a wide range of professional products for your app that we feature on Appsfresh. This should give you a boost to get you started faster and publish your game to the App Store.
These products range from graphic packs, icon packs, screenshot templates, courses, source codes and ASO (app store optimization) packs

The online video courses that we have on Appsfresh have especially been tailored by Yohann Taieb.
In these video courses, he will show you from scratch, step by step, how to get your app running and making money on the App Store.


Who is behind Appsfresh?

Yohann Taieb is the founder of Appsfresh.
With multiple apps on the App Store, online tutorials and years of teaching iOS Development in college Yohann is seen as one of the leading experts in mobile game programming and app flipping & reskinning.
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Buying on Appsfresh

Fast results. 100% satisfaction

Buying is easy! Browse the products already up on our site. If you can't find what you are looking for contact us.


How do I get refunded?

Refunds are handled at the Paypal level and should be worked out between the two parties using the Paypal terminal.

As a rule of thumb, please only use chargebacks as last resort.


The seller did not own the copy rights for the content he/she sold me

Please contact us right away with information about the sale and proof of allegations.

Appsfresh has a zero tolerence policy for copyright infringement and will ban the seller at first strike if proven.

From your end, please work out your refund using the Paypal terminal.

Selling on Appsfresh

Please review our golden rules in order to have your source codes approved by in the shortest time.

Use your talent & make money

Our goal is to help programmers & hobbyists alike generate revenue from the app source code they create.

To make your work available on Appsfresh:

  1. Contact us with a nice description and some good details about the kind of source code you've created.
  2. If possible, please join screenshot links or videos of the kind of work that can be achieved with your code.

Everyone in the community will be able to search and browse our product catalog and eventually purchase your app source code.


How do I get setup for selling on Appsfresh?

There is a minimal series of steps to perform to start selling on Appsfresh. It should really not take more than 2 minutes!

  1. Go to My Account > Paypal Settings and fill out the required information.
  2. Contact us with information about your product so that we can review it and eventually feature you on Appsfresh.