App Reskinning Tutorial: Advertising Networks Provisioning Profiles

How to set up Revmob and Chartboost advertising networks

Revmob account setup

The way the game makes money is by showing ads. You could use 2 different advertising companies, Revmob and Chartboost, and you will need an account in each to be able to display ads in your game. Let's start with Revmob. Go to, click signup and fill the form. Once it is created, you will get to the Dashboard where you can see the amount of money you're making over a period of time.

Revmob dashboard

Next thing you will need to do is add your app there. Click on the tab "Apps" then on the button "Add app", to finally select iOS App.

add iOS app in revmob

Now give a name to your app and remember it (copy/paste in a text file for instance). You'll then be presented with options to block content on your ad (at your own convenience), then click "Save". Once completed, your app will be added and you'll be able to track how much revenue it generates.
Take note of the Revmob App ID since this will be needed to connect the Revmob account to your game.

how to track revenues with Revmob

You now will need to use another advertising channel called Chartboost.

Chartboost account

Go to and click on "Sign up" in the top menu. Fill in the form to create your chartboost account. Once you've registered your account with chartboost, make sure you're logged in as you should be seeing your name at the top right.
This is the starting dashboard, the graphs should be empty and you will now want to add your app by clicking on the tab "Apps", then select "Add app". From here, the platform you wanna select is iOS app and again add your App Name, just like you did for Revmob.

how to add app in Chartboost

Make sure you select "Portrait" for "App Orientation". The iTunes ID can be left blank and be filled out when your app is in iTunes.

Chartboost app details

Click "Save" when you're done and your first app should be added.
Now you need to add advertisement to the game since you only have your app and your account so far. In order to do that, you need to create a campaign.

how to add a campaign in Chartboost

Click on the "Campaigns" tab, select "Add Campaign" then "Publish in the Network" from the dropdown menu. On the next screen, set the "Name of the campaign", leave the "Campaign Start" and "Campaign End" empty since you want it running now and leave it running.
When you're done with this, select your app to advertise your campaign in.

Chartboost network publishing campaign

There are other options right below, feel free to take a look at them, but you won't be needing this for now. Click "Save". That's pretty much everything you need to do now. Something you need to check though, go to the "Apps" tab, select "Overview" and make sure you see your App ID and App Signature. Those 2 will be needed later in your xCode files.

how to check app ID in Chartboost

How to set up your AdMob Advertising Account

What you have on you free game is a permanent ad banner. This banner comes from 2 different sources. There is the iAd banner coming from Apple, however, when there is no ad showing there, the AdMob banner will take over.
AdMob is also a banner company that creates banners and also all types of ads, whether it is for the web or mobile devices primarily. You now have 2 different sources of revenues. Therefore, you will need to create an account with AdMob. Go to and click on "Sign up with AdMob" (or Sign in if you alreaydhave an account with AdMob).

Signup Admob with Gmail

We would advise you to create a Google account. The reason why is that if you have a Gmail account, everything would be integrated pretty quickly. Fill in the fields and information on the form. Review your info and click "Creating AdMob Account". Then click on "Get Started" and you'll be able to create your first App ID for the banner.

Legacy Admob Account

If they ask you if you have a legacy account, click "No", since you probably don't have an older account.
how to monetize app with Admob

Click on "Monetize new app" then, click on "Add your app manually".
Give it an "App name" or any name that would tell what your game is about if you don't know anything yet. Select the "Platform" that goes for you (iOS here) and click "Continue".

monetize new app with Admob

On the next screen, select your ad format and name ad unit. Choose Banner, since "Interstitial" is the full screen ad. You may leave the default settings for "Automatic refresh" and "Text ad style". As for "Ad unit name", you could name it "Top Banner" for example, then click "Save".

Admob settings monetize new app

You'll be presented with the Ad Unit ID on the next page wich you should copy/paste on a text file for future use. Click on "Done" at the bottom and you'll be ready to incorporate that. In order to check how much money you make on a daily basis, click on the "Home" Tab. You could also filter out your estimated earnings by date range using the dropdown custom date range on the right side.

Admob estimated revenues filter

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