Episode 13: Here is how to increase user retention by 65% by adding 10 simple line of codes.

Listen to Alex Mussafi from Nextpeer. Quick and easy way to add cross-platform multiplayer, challenges, tournaments, leaderboards, game streams, and Facebook integration.

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Alex Mussafi

Alex Mussafi


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Podcast Transcript

Welcome to the Mobile app flipping broadcast. This is your host Yohann Taieb. My goal is to help you get the most out of reskinning apps. Whether you are already a full time entrepreneur or trying to get a business going, this broadcast is for you.  We will be interviewing professionals that are already doing app reskinning for a living. We will also invite source code sellers to get to learn both what they have to offer and finally we will talk to industry experts to learn how to become more productive at flipping apps and now without further ado let’s get started.

Today I have an amazing amazing guest. His name is Alex Mussafi and he works for NextPeer. I am not sure if you guys have heard about NextPeer yet. But that’s definitely something that anyone that’s reskinnning or flipping apps should be using.
Yohann: Hello Alex.
Alex Mussafi: Hello.
Yohann: How are you?
Alex Mussafi: I am doing well how are you?
Yohann: I am doing excellent. Nice to have you here.
Alex Mussafi: It’s my pleasure.
Yohann: Alright, so can you tell us a little bit about yourself and who you are and the company you work for.
Alex Mussafi: My name’s Alex Mussafi. And I am actually the head of developer relations with Nextpeer.
Yohann: Ok.
Alex Mussafi: With Nextpeer we provide a very simple and intricate multiplayer solutions for mobile game developers. We are available on both iOS and Android and we also support unity.
Yohann: Ok got it. So now I personally I am using Nextpeer myself and that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to have you on this show. Because I saw how simple it is to use Nextpeer and now, how did it come out like how did you come up with his idea of creating this type of cross platform multiplier experience?
Alex Mussafi:Well without going into the years of what happened, our CEO Shay started a previous company to do different things with mobile phones and slowly that kind of trickled into the formation of Nextpeer.
Yohann: Ok got it.
Alex Mussafi: It was kind of it started of with him and our CTO talking about ideas and then it kind of evolved into just being about games and so on and so forth.
Yohann: Ok, so now let’s try to talk about how the audience could benefit from using Nextpeer and integrating it into their games.
Alex Mussafi: I don’t know where to start. There is so many ways that they benefit.
Yohann: So let’s start with just the simplest thing which is multiplayer. Because I know Nextpeer does so much but like the main need, the core functionality is definitely multiplier so let’s talk about that.
Alex Mussafi: Well the whole concept behind Nextpeer is that we wanted to provide game developers with a very simple way to have a multiplayer function in their game and it can be as simple as 10 lines of code you know, like 15 minutes and your game could already be multipayer. And to someone who is thinking about servers and you know all of a different necessities behind having that built themselves, we take care of all that work for them.
Yohann: I see . And I got to tell you because I integrate that myself and definitely I was surprised on how easy it was to integrate multiplayer. It should be like you said it should be like 10-15 mins actually took me bit longer because I went through the whole documentation first.
Which is very smart. That’s a very smart. I have noticed some people do it necessarily.
Alex Mussafi: It’s always smart to read it one time through before just jumping in.
Yohann: That’s right. I wanted to see all the functionality you guys had. And I saw that you have way more than just multiplayer. But I gotta tell you I heard good things about it by some friends of mine and that’s why I jumped into Nextpeer.
However before that I was using game center multiplayer and I had I think 2 or 3 other games. One is like a word like one vs one multiplayer game that plays on different devices and when I was integrating game center, I gotta tell you it’s kind of a pain you know. There is so many different edge cases you know in the sense that so many different things could happen. Like you know what if somebody drops the game what happens? What if the game never finishes what happens? You know. All those things or details you that still have to think of an integrate with game center and it’s really painful.
However what’s great about Nextpeer is that you guys already take care of everything. You know I don’t even have to think about that.
One of my personal favorite functions behind Nextpeer is our player recordings which for a lot of people when their game just gets launched, there is not a lot of exposure for it. So, a big question is what if there is nobody to play with it. Then what?
Alex Mussafi: What we do is we record the performances of users to play back if nobody is currently online and this way people someone always has someone to play with a real person feel.
Yohann: Oh ya definitely that’s a killer to me right there. In the sense that you never feel alone. You know like, as a I was testing my own games I saw that you really feel that you have this human presence with you at all times which is a great feeling. Because u know like usually when you are solo playing your game, sometimes it could get boring. Here you really have this feeling of being a part of community or even some kind of you know, a challenge going on and you know and I definitely love that.
Now do you by any chance have any type of numbers to share like what’s the user retention like between using the game and not using the game with Nextpeer and without it?
Alex Mussafi: Games that we are doing I believe multiplayer only or at least have nextpeer in their application has shown retention upto 65%.
Yohann: Wow that’s huge.
Alex Mussafi: Yeah.
Yohann: It’s a remarkable difference of when people see the multiplayer and then understand it they keep coming back for it.
Yeah nice. Now again this is something also for me that’s doing app flipping and for my audience. What’s great about Nextpeer is that once we integrate it inside our app and once we start reskinning, the only thing that we basically have to change is the next peer ID.
Alex Mussafi: Yeah the game key and the bundle ID.
Yohann: That’s right which is I think in the same dashboard right? if I remember
Alex Mussafi: Yeah same screen right under the game edit screen.
Yohann: Yeah it’s that easy. It’s amazing.
Alex Mussafi:It really is.
Yohann: Ok so now, I know about programming but let’s say about somebody that has almost very little knowledge or if almost no knowledge about programming. Do you think it’s possible for them to integrate Nextpeer on their own or do they have to hire some kind of a freelancer.
Alex Mussafi: I want to say yes. Someone who has like little programming knowledge. I want to say yes. But it also depends on how intricate of an integration you want. If you want just a very simple bare bones, it’s really not that hard. But when you get into the player to player communication and like for example, seeing other players using power ups and that’s when things start to get a lilttle more tricky.
Yohann: Ya definitely. So let’s talk a little bit more about other functionality besides multiplayer. I know you guys have a bunch of things like chat systems, live streams or Facebook achievements or things like that. So can you give us a little overview?
Alex Mussafi: What other functions we have?
Yohann: Yeah definitely.
Alex Mussafi: As I mentioned player to player communication is really huge. With that you can either show other players if you ever race. For example you can show the other players cars or whatever’s racing. You can also use powerups. Kind of attack the other players. We also have game stream which is our NXTK promotion for your games amongst every other game in our network.
Yohann: Yeah and that’s free right?
Alex Mussafi: Yeah.
Yohann: I don’t remember having to pay for that.
Alex Mussafi: No.
Yohann: So it’s basically free, right.
Alex Mussafi: Ya it’s free promotion within our STK so once you integrate you are already put into the promotion so that’s a great way for everyone to get their games out. And those are just 2 of the big things we offer.
Yohann: How about social network integration?
Alex Mussafi: We have Facebook fully integrated in all of our STKs. So nobody has to worry they can play synchronous or asynchronously through Facebook in our STK.
Yohann: Great so basically… Now question was I don’t remember using it myself. But let’s say if I am integrating in one of my source codes, if people play and post on Facebook would they see that in the status stream? You know what I am talking about?
Alex Mussafi: On Facebook?
Yohann: Yeah
Alex Mussafi: Ya, anything that you post from Nextpeer to Facebook will show up as it should. Either if you invite someone to play with you it will show up on that friends wall or if you post like wow such a fun game, the game will show up as well.
Yohann: Nice so basically that gives a little of a virality to the game. In the sense that.
Alex Mussafi: Very much so.
Yohann: It’s more exposure. Yeah. Now something that I didn’t use myself but I saw you have tournaments there. How does it work and what is it about?
Alex Mussafi: Well every game runs through a tournament. So whether you realize you set one up or not you did. The tournaments are… Basically there’s 3 different types. There is timed, less score reported and game controlled and the timed tournament is essentially you know you set a time limit and it runs down. The less score reported would basically be a time tournament but you have unlimited lives and the last score you get is the score that is reported and that’s your final score.
And game controlled is really cool because that lives on you to decide when the tournament’s over. And when I say you I mean the developer.
Yohann: Ok.
Alex Mussafi: So it could either be that’s great for any endless runners out there. So you could say when the last player died, the tournament is  over or when this person perished their game’s is over and that’s one of them.
Yohann: Ok I see.Now question. Do you guys have any interest into making paid tournaments? Because you know as a developer I always thought that it would be great if people could challenge each other for some money or something and get a cut out of this. That would be nice.
Alex Mussafi: Believe it or not we have partnered with Cashplay.co and smallbet for real money cash paid tournaments.
Yohann: Nice . Is it already integrated or it’s coming up?
Alex Mussafi: That’s a totally separate integration which you could checkout either on our partners page or on cashplay.co or smallbet.
Yohann: Alright. I will make sure to put those in the show notes. That’s amazing you know. Even though we may not make a lot of money with that but it’s an extra stream of revenue. Definitely it’s gonna jump into this.
Alright. Now can you tell us little bit about what’s coming up for Nextpeer and what you guys are planning on integrating next?
Alex Mussafi: We have so much in the air right now. It’s kind of hard to pinpoint. We really rely on a lot of peoples feedback. Because if people tell us we want this or we need this, we are about to release our cocos2dx plugin that’s coming up. For example we figured out that a lot of people need that. So we made it. And that’s a lot of how we work over here is, if our developers are like we need this plugin or we want this feature, we will make it happen. Another thing, I got asked a lot about leaderboards. So I brought it up and now you could find leaderboards in game streams.
Yohann: Nice.
Alex Mussafi: Which has daily,weekly and monthly.
Yohann: So basically the leaderboard comes straight out of the box? Do I have to set it up or…?
Alex Mussafi: No everything’s setup for you.
Yohann: Nice.
If I want to do the game center leaderboard, I actually have to put a bunch of code inside by game source code. Yeah even to just set it up it takes some time. That’s great.
Now something I wanted to say for the audience that don’t know what cocos2dx is . It’s basically an engine for you to create 2d games. Now what’s great about cocos2dx is that whenever u create a game for iPhone, it can be compiled and run on Android as well. So you basically code once and have the game that can be deployed on multiple platforms. So definitely that’s big kudos for you guys to be able to basically just add Nextpeer and we have it on every platform. That’s great.
Alex Mussafi: I don’t know if any of you listeners program for both iOS and Android. But through the userbar tools when you get to the dashboard you can see that. Users can play between Android and iOS devices.
Yohann: Nice so it’s basically seamless right.
Alex Mussafi: Yes it’s cross platform.
Yohann: Excellent.
Alex Mussafi: So no matter what your game can be played between a friend on S3 and a friend on an iPhone or what have you.
Yohann: Alright. So that’s pretty much all I we need to know about Nextpeer. So question, is there any book you would like to recommend for someone who’s starting in the mobile app industry?
Alex Mussafi: Personally no. Because like I said I myself am not a very big programmer. I always liked Lynda training courses. That’s helped me a lot over the years.
Yohann: Ok.
Alex Mussafi: Referring some programming and stuff of that nature.
Yohann: I could tell you something though. The audience we just don’t have, we don’t have that many programmers like you have. Lot’s of people they are businessmen. In the sense that you know they are studying their own business. So, is there any business resource you have? You would advise?
Alex Mussafi: Again, I turn to Lynda for a lot of stuff. It’s always been good because they have a lot of either literature or videos and I personally prefer learning through videos. So it feels like you kinda jump around a little bit easier. They kinda get a little bit more to the point.
Yohann: And it’s very hands on in the sense that it’s a video. You can just whenever there is something you don’t really understand you can stop it, rewind and replay.
Alex Mussafi: Yes.
Yohann: And you can do it on your own pace.
Alex Mussafi: You could also follow along on the screen as they are doing something and you know it’s just always worked really well for me.
Yohann:Definitely. I have noticed that people prefer the online video courses beyond actually books you know or any other medium. That’s why lately about 6 months ago I created online video instructions like step by step on how to reskin apps. So you know like I have pinball game on udemy.com and candy crush clone on udemy.com as well. And people tend to love that. In the sense that people that never even touch mac computer are able to publish their game on the app store. So I feel very humbled and gratified that you know some people have their businesses that just started out of nowhere and that’s what they wanted to do. So definitely video instructions are amazing.
Alex Mussafi: Ya that’s what I said that’s my best suggestion it’s Lynda it’s spelled like that the company. Got it. I will add  it to the show notes.
Yohann: Ok cool. Alright so now how do we get in touch with you if we need to talk to you.
Alex Mussafi: Anybody can email me at alexander@nextpeer.com and you can ask me any questions, comments, concerns whatever you need. You can reach me almost around the clock. I usually only don’t answer unless I am sleeping. So I am pretty much you know anytime you have a question you can just shoot it to me in an email or over skype alex.nextpeer my skype ID as well.
Yohann: Ok got it. Also I believe you have some kind of freebee for audience right?
Alex Mussafi: Ya. If anyone signs up please when you sign up send me an email back saying that you heard about Nextpeer through Yohann’s show and when your game goes live with Nextpeer, I will give you extra promotion in game stream so your game will be seen more. And I can also promote it through our various channels such as Twitter if you want to follow us @nextpeer and on our blog.nextpeer.com and our Facebook groups so…
Yohann: Alright nice so guys don’t forget to do that. If you register with Nextpeer, make sure you send a message to alex or @nextpeer on Twitter and you get free promotion. I mean you know that’s exactly what we all want. You know it’s so hard to make some noise out there and get noticed. So you know free promotion is always welcome. Thanks Alex I really appreciate it.
Alex Mussafi: It’s my pleasure thanks for having me.
Yohann: Alright, so we want to hear good stuff coming up from Nextpeer. Is there anything else you would like to say before leaving?
Alex Mussafi: No, just if you really want to add a whole new like social element to your game, increase your retention you know and engagement,you know Nextpeer is the way to go. You are not going to find much like it.
Yohann: Alright thanks Alex.
Alex Mussafi: Alright thank you.
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