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Episode 17: The 2048 game has reached #1 spot in all app store. Now is the time to ride the 2048 trends. Yohann talks about the different 2048 source code clones available for reskinning.

Get to learn which one is made for you.


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Yohann Taieb:
So let’s talk about the source codes out there. Lately, there’s been an amazing source code called 2048.
Now some of you may not have heard about 2048, so let me explain to you what 2048 is. 2048 is a board game. Think about those puzzle games where you have numbers and you need to place them in a certain order.
And you can only have multiples of 2, so 2,4,8,12,32 and so on… The purpose is to place them in a way that you will reach a certain number.
Now, obviously the space is limited on the screen. So technically, it’s easy to get all the tiles full and you’re trying to avoid that.You definitely need to check it out. It’s been in the top 10 in every single App Store, even on the web, on every single platform you can think of.
It’s based on an open source code so the algorithm is free to use by anyone. Definitely, it’s something that you need to work on in the sense that this can turn out to be a classic.


Now what do I mean by it becoming a classic? Think about a game like the Monopoly. So the Monopoly is a classic in the sense that it’s been around for like 50 years or more.
And everybody knows about these games. Now, the difference between the Monopoly game and 2048 is that the Monopoly has rights on it. You can not copy it, you’d get in trouble for doing that.
You can do something similar enough, but you can still get in trouble if you;re getting too close. However, with the game 2048, since it’s open source, it means that anyone can use the algorithm and create their own flavor. You can make the exact same game if you want to, or you can turn it into your own flavor.
What do I mean by that? There’s some source code out there, actually two source codes that I know of that you can get on Chupamobile.com. I partnered with one of those guys that created it, so the first one is the one created only for iOS, it’s really good because it’s very easy to reskin. There isn’t much to do. Just basically open the source code and it tells you change a few colors. Colors are RGB colors, basically just a sequence of numbers. There’s a 6 digit number and there’s one for red, one for green and one for blue, so it’s very easy to change. You can change the background and so on. Now, this one is only for iOS and you can only change colors. It’s cool and is very easy so you can get a game really fast, but functionality wise, it’s pretty limited.


The one that I partner with is made with Unity. I know that Unity is not for everyone so that’s why I created a course that goes with it. Now let me explain to you what this one does. The reason why I picked to partner with this code seller rather than partnering with the one that created the one for iOS is that his one is totally customizable.
Now here, you’re not changing colors, you’re actually changing images. The beauty of changing images is that you can put anything you want in the background, in the foreground. It doesn’t even have to be numbers, so instead of being number 2,4,8,16 and so on, you can put anything you want. Some of the people actually created candies. You could do a mix between 2048 and Candy Crush. Let me explain to you how that would work… Think about a simple candy, and as you mix them, both candies would get multiple stripes on them. The more stripes, the higher the number. I really like taht concept and the fact that you can change all the images…You could even put animals, and start adding and matching animals.

It’s definitely something you guys would need to check out. Go to Chupamobile to check it out or go on Udemy and look for 2048, you will find a course there.
I know that many of you have no experience whatsoever with Unity, and that the beauty of Unity is that it’s automatically cross platform which basically means that it will be for iOS, all type of iPads and iPhones, retina and non-retina, Iphone 3.5 inch screen size to 4 and so on.


Also, it’s already created for Android. We’re talking about millions and millions of other devices that are targetable straight out of the box. Since I’m sure some of you would like to learn about Unity, and wanna also do Android, that’s a great opportunity to expand you reach and try new markets.
That’s pretty much everything I wanted to say about 2048.
You can get the game source code right here on Appsfresh. Now if you guys have any questions, contact me at yohann305 on Twitter, or you could also email me at info@appsfresh.com. I’m always trying to answer. As you know, I receive hundred of emails because of all those courses with thousands of students, so I really try hard to make sure I treat people as people and not an ID on the computer.
Talk to you soon.

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