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Episode 18: Yohann explains a quick and simple trick that can boost your app or game rank higher in the Paid App section of the iTunes App Store.

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Yohann Taieb:
Welcome to the mobile app flipping podcast, this is your host Yohann Taieb. My goal is to help you to get the most out of reskinning apps. Whether you’re already a full time entrepreneur or trying to get a business going, this podcast is for you. We will be interviewing professionals that are already doing app reskinning for a living. We will also invite source code sellers to get to learn about what they have to offer and finally we will talk to industry experts to learn how to become more productive at flipping apps. Now, without further ado lets get started!

So lately, I’ve discovered a new way of generating revenues. Something that didn’t make sense to me at first, but then it started to make sense.
So let me explain to you what I’m trying to say here. Nowadays, everybody goes to the freemium model. What do I mean by freemium? For those who don’t know, basically, you put your app or your game for free in the App Store and the fast that it’s free, it will attract way more people. Why? Because since it’s free, there’s no money involved, so people will download it. They won’t be stopped just because it costs a $1 or $2. Obviously yes, you will get more downloads.

Now, something very interesting is that the freemium model is supposed to basically, once you have the users, you’re trying to sell them things within you app.
So you sell them products, in-app purchases. So you would sell them maybe…If it’s a skateboard game, maybe you’ll sell them a new skateboard or a new character or something that might cost a $1 or $2. If somebody is hooked on your game, thwy will buy within your game. And they can spend a lot more money.
Sometimes, when there is currency involved, they can spend hundreds of dollars, just like in Candy Crush.
Even though the game is free, there’s been cases that people spent thousands of dollars in Candy Crush. So that’s the freemium model.

Something very interesting that I noticed is that you can do two apps. Instead of doing the freemium model, you would create one app for free and one paid app.
Within your free app, you will put a button to remove ads and also will put a button that has plenty of new products or new services within your app. When somebody clicks on that button, it will basically send them to the iTunes App Store to buy the full version.
Now at first I’m like, that makes no sense because why would it work better? I mean think about it, there are more steps involved. Chances are, if somebody clicks on the button, they might be turned off by the fact they need to download another app, right? Especially that you need to pay for it.

It didn’t make sense to me at first, but then I realized something very interesting. When you sell to those people that are ready to buy your app, when they buy your app, it is a lot easier to rank in the top chart with a paid app than a free app. Why? Because way less people buy apps than download free apps. So, obviously, it is a lot easier to end up in the top charts for the paid apps that for the free apps. And now, that’s when the beauty happens here. Since you’ve been sending your people from the free app to the paid app, your paid app will organically get more downloads and will organically get higher in the ranks, in the charts, and then, that will automatically generate more revenues.
So I hope you guys understand this, play this again if you don’t, cos this is really interesting. And you guys should try it out. I’m not saying it might work with your game or app, but I’ve seen this work for a photobooth app and it worked amazing, I was really surprised.
Give it a shot and also please, let me know how you guys are doing with that, if it works for you or not. You can message me at

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