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Hard work pays off. Listen how Kerr started taking app reskinning courses and finally made it to the top educational apps in several countries using the Freaking Math code.


Podcast Transcript:

Welcome to the Mobile app flipping broadcast. This is your host Yohann Taieb. My goal is to help you get the most out of reskinning apps. Whether you are already a full time entrepreneur or trying to get a business going, this broadcast is for you. We will be interviewing professionals that are already doing app reskinning for a living. We will also invite source code sellers to get to learn both what they have to offer and finally we will talk to industry experts to learn how to become more productive at flipping apps and now without further ado let’s get started.

Today I have an amazing amazing guest. His name is Kerr Almario. Hi Kerr how are you?

I am good. How are you?

I am doing amazing, thanks.
So today I invited you to the podcast because you are one of my students that took actually many of my courses and you know right now you actually are kind of successful. And the way you got to where you are is actually not that amazing. Let’s say you know it’s not like a one-time shot. It’s hard work that pays off. So I don’t want to go too much into details. But can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and who you are?

Ya. My name is Kerr and I am from the Philippines. So I studied bachelors in Computer Science there. And after finishing my college we went to Canada. Right now I am in Canada.

Ok and so your background is in Computer Science.


Now before taking any classes have you tried making any games of your own or apps of your own?

Actually this is my first time. I saw your courses and I told myself that I will give it a try.

So how many apps or games have you done so far?

I think I have 7 clones.

7 clones… So by clones you mean reskin right?

Yeah reskin.

So you never created an app on your own from scratch, right?

Yeah not yet. I am still studying for that.

Do you know how many downloads you have got for your app?

I actually have 4000 downloads right now on just the mad thinker.

Oh ok and let’s talk about mad thinker since you are mentioning it. That’s one of the reason why I invited you to the podcast. You have been working hard and lately you have got some success with the mad thinker. Which basically you took this class, I think can you remind me the name of the class. It’s my class but I dont remember it myself.

Freaking math.

Freaking math. That’s right, how to reskin the freaking math game or app. It’s not really a game. It is a game but it is an educational app, right?

Right. It’s educational.

So technically the app is all about trying to find the sum of two numbers in less than a second or two,right? It’s like time based.


And the menu is very similar to flappy bird clone. So people are familiar with the look and feel of the app. So you reached the top 25 in the Philippines, right? In your home country?

Yeah it’s in educational games in educational.

Yeah congratulations.

Actually in Brene I was like no. 6 in games educational right now.

Ok so you actually reached higher number in other country.


Very nice. Now something that’s very interesting is that you reached a high rank in your mother country and one of the previous students that I invited, Sergio reached the first spot for ipads in the country he has been living in for more than 10 or 15 years. So something is very interesting here. It seems that when you really know your market, that’s where you can hit higher ranks. That’s how it sounds to me. I see a recurring pattern here. So tell me why. What did you do that made your app so high ranked in your home country for example and not in states or let’s say not in France. What did you do so special?

Yeah, I actually spent money on advertising in facebook and chartboost and others. So and then I set the target in Philippines and Canada only.

Ok ya and obviously it’s harder in Canada since there is way more apps than probably the Philippines, right?


Yeah that makes sense.

Ok, so technically the lesson that I am learning from what you are saying is that, social media and advertising actually works, right?


Do you mind sharing with us how much money you have been spending in advertising and all those medias?

Actually for Facebook I just spent 30 dollars right now.

Okay. I was thinking in thousands of dollars. It’s actually approachable by anyone.

What’s that?

Oh yeah definitely anyone could spend that much money. So definitely I mean. If that’s what makes a difference, less than a 100 dollars, that’s definitely worth trying.

Yeah. And ya that 30 dollars is just on Facebook.

Oh ok there is more.

Yeah, I spent another 100 dollars on chartboost.


Ya and that’s it.

And question. Where did you see the most traffic coming from? Did you because you were able to look at the traffic sources right and how many clicks you got here and there. Which one was the most effective?

I am actually getting a lot of downloads from the Philippines and Asia. The Asian countries.

Do you know if those downloads are coming from chartboost or from people clicking on facebook. Or if it’s just natural organic downloads.

No, I cant see that.


I cant see where it came from. It’s just. All I can see is the total.

I believe you can see it on chartboost. You can see the number of installs coming from chartboost or like the number of clicks for that specific day. However again you are right .You cannot tell if the person playing the game are the ones coming from which channel, that you can’t tell. That’s right. So let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about how you made it to reach this rank. I mean this was not your 1st reskin. That’s your 7th.


So question, how did you do when you started? So you never had any apps or games published. So can you share with us your experience with your first reskin ever.

My first reskin was the what do you call that. Flappy jet crash, the flappy bird reskin.

Flappy bird call?


The infamous course.

That was the first course, the first app that I made. It gives me like 2000 downloads. Then I tried another apps.

Hold on, hold on. Before talking about the second app, let me know I want to know how many how long it took you to create this app and did you get approved straight the first time you published. Or did you have some issues along the way?

Actually I did it in like 2 hours and then I submitted it to the app store.

Ok so for you it was mostly like trying to figure out how things work right?


I see… So you didn’t want to spend too much time on it but just making sure you understand the whole process, the whole flow of getting your first app out in the app store.

Yeah because I can make my own images. I mean I can make my own signs.

So you create your own graphics?

Yeah . That’s not a big problem for me.

Ok good to hear. So that was your first reskin and you got around 2000 downloads. Ok.


And now, did you try to reskin the flappy croco source code again or you tried to go to another source code.

I tried to go to another source code which is the flow.

The jelly flow. Ok yes.

Yes the jelly flow.

This one’s a little bit harder. So how was your experience with it?

It’s ok like couple of hours.


Yeah because…

You are killing it!

I was focusing with that.

Oh ok. I am actually surprised because this one requires in approaches and people are having lots of issues with that. You know the first time it’s not that intuitive to add in approaches and making sure that they are working and also game centers and things like that. So I am actually surprised. Good job.

Because while I am watching your courses, I am making it at the same time. It saves time.

Ok so that’s your technique. You watch and do it at the same time and if I go too fast you just pause it and try to get back to where I am. Is that what you do?

Yeah exactly.

Ok good . So people out there listen to Kerr’s way and that’s gonna save you lots of time and trouble. Ok good to know.
So how did you do for the graphics of the jelly flow. I mean the graphics aren’t that hard. Really it’s only a few, it’s like just icons right? So you created them yourself?

Yeah. I actually browsed some images on Google and ya it’s not that hard.

Ok good to hear.

So how did your game do?

It actually gave me a couple of hundreds.

Which theme did you go with?

Just the small balls for my first try. So yeah. And then I tried to make it again which is the monkey island that I made.

Ok yeah, I have seen this one was pretty sweet looking.

Yeah, there are monkey heads.

Ok and so how did this one perform?

Not so good like the first one.

Oh really.? So actually did you spend more time on the monkey and actually it did worse than the first one? Is that what happened?

Yeah that’s what happened.

Yeah it’s funny. You know sometimes it’s funny that you say that but it’s not about how much time you spend on doing something on creating an app or a game it’s a lot about you know timing and the theme that you are selecting. That’s very important. Let’s say for example you are creating a theme for eggs, make sure your about 3 or 4 days before the Easter or the Easter holidays.

Yeah I was thinking about that. But I saw someone made before me so I cancelled it.

Oh I see. I see what you mean.
Well you know, just because it’s already there in the store that you know that needs to stop you.
If that was the case candy crush would never had seen the light of days. Because there was a game in the store that was already there a year and a half before that was using the exact same mechanics with candies. And actually the candies were very similar to candy crush. So some people are even thinking that people you know actually copied this originally game. But my point is it’s not because it’s already out there that you can’t put your own twist to it. You know just do it aand see. You know put it out there and see. Ok so that was your second and third reskin. Then I guess you tried different other source codes and courses, is that what you did or you moved straight to freaking math app?
Actually did another source code so the mad thinker is the last app that I made.

Ok, so ya I see your technique was basically you try different apps and games and apply different themes and see which one works the most for you and then focus on these. Is that what you are planning on trying?

Yeah exactly.
Ok yeah, that is a different strategy. Some people want to try different courses and see which ones they can do the fastest and have the most downloads. Or the other way would be to focus on one source code and really master it and see what works for this source code and what doesn’t. In one of our previous podcast we had Jeff. What he used to do was, he used to buy one source code and reskin 5 or 6 times then let it sit for little while then move to another source code and comeback later on it. He would basically you know just publish bundles of apps and games with the same source code and move to the next. But you seem to be using a different strategy and this seems to be working for you. So keep it up. So tell me, how did you find the course for the freaking math? Did you find it hard to follow? Did you have any hiccups or problems with that?

I actually have no problems in it. Because I have some knowledge in programming so yeah. There is no problem with me.

Ok so you actually can read the code.

And by having your course it’s pretty easy to follow and publish it.

Ok good to hear. Good to hear. Now question. Are you planning someday on creating your own source code, creating a game from scratch. Now that you know about game reskinning, that’s something you don’t want to spend time on doing.

I actually have plans in the future to make my own games. I want to spend all my time and money on advertising on that future. So I am just getting some experience with reskins on how I can manage on how I can get some downloads and revenues you know.

Yeah, I see exactly where you are going with this. As a matter of fact I would advise anyone that would want to create their own games or their own apps ever you know something unique or original, I would advise them to before even getting there, start with reskinning courses. Because from there you will learn all the loops and hoops. All the problems that can become obstacles on your way and you know what to do to fix them to make sure it’s a smooth road. Because making your own app or own game that is original, that costs more money and more time and more resources. So you definitely don’t want to mess up with that.


Yeah for sure you are right. So I think you are on the right track. And I think anyone should do just the way you are doing it. Which is basically get your feet wet, see how things work and then focus on some good unique apps and games.


Now, do you ever change the audio, the sound in the when you reskin or you just put whatever is already there?

No, I just play with like the original. I only change the images.

Yeah and I personally think that you are doing the right thing. In the sense that the amount of work to change the audio isn’t that bad. In the sense that it doesn’t require so much time to change the audio. It’s just basically going on the internet and looking for files you know audio files here and there and buy them or download them for free and changing them. Now why would you spend time on this is it doesn’t bring you so much revenues back. You know you are not going to profit from it.


In the sense that many of the majority of the people play without sound. In the sense you know they may be waiting at Starbucks waiting to get their coffee, waiting in line or you know being with their friends and they are just playing on the phone. So they don’t want to bother with the music. So definitely I would advise people not to spend too much time on the audio.

Since it’s already in this code so you don’t really need it to change it.

Right! It’s decent enough. Definitely. Now let’s talk about graphics. So, so far you have said that you are doing the graphics yourself. So what was your experience with doing graphics before taking this courses?

I actually learnt  Photoshop so.

Ok so it was a breeze for you it was easy right?

Yeah. I was making my graphics using Photoshop.

Now are you planning on hiring a professional to create amazing graphics?

Actually no.


Yeah. Because if you are gonna pay the other guy, I will just do it in advertising since I can make my own graphics.

Ok so you would rather spend money on advertising than spend on graphics?


I see.


But if I must have one advice for you, since you know that your mad math game is working pretty well, I think it would be a good time for you right now to invest in a good icon. I definitely think so. The icon is very important and it’s definitely going to increase  the downloads.


But don’t take my words for granted. You know go first on you know spend may be 5, 10 or 20$ on a very good icon and see if that brings up your downloads. You would definitely see it. Put an update out there and look at the difference in number of downloads with an icon. Now, don’t ask for just one icon. Ask for 2 or 3 different variations of icons. And add 2 or 3 updates. And each update try a different icon and see which one brings you the most download.

Yeah thank you. I will do that.

If you really want to go the cheap way then go with and you can have a pretty decent icon.

Now question did you use the icon template from

Actually no I just trial and error. Yeah.


So I was making it and then uploading it to the connect and if it doesn’t fit, I will make it again. So yeah.

Ok. I honestly think that you have lots of room to grow and improve on you app and get more downloads and make more profit. I am actually surprised since you already hit the top 25 in many countries, I do think that you can do even better. You know sky is the limit for you.

Yeah, I will surely make it feel the pretty the icon.

Alright. Ok so now is there anything you recommend, any resources you recommend for somebody that’s starting app reskinning?

Yeah I would recommend them to start from buying some reskins. So they save lot of time and save lot of money as well. So and then they should try the first app and see how it goes before investing on another one. So, you know what you are gonna do on the next app you are going to make.

Ok so basically you are saying that they should try with start with reskin and clones first. And then, from there they should wait and see how the app is doing before knowing if they are going to continue with this source code or move to another one?


Ok sounds like a good plan to me. Ok so what are you working on lately? Are you planning on creating a new app from a new source code or you are planning on doing another freaking math clone or something else I don’t know. Tell me.

I am actually thinking for a better graphics on mad thinker so that I can update it.

Ok so that’s what’s next. Ok.

And I still have some source codes that I need to work on that I didn’t publish it yet.

Oh so you are actually doing multiple source codes in parallel. Is that right?
Ok so how does that work out for you? So do you reuse the graphics in some way?

No, I want them, I want each of it to make it unique so that they don’t look the same. Yeah so.

Ok because the reason why I am asking is that some students what they do is that they hire freelancer to create one set of graphics that they will use for 3 different apps. Let’s say for example you are familiar with the flappy croco source code, right? So you know the flappy bird. So you basically have the bird and the pipes and the background, right? That’s pretty much what’s there in the game. So what these people do is that they actually hire a professional graphic designer to create the graphics for the bird, the pipes and the background and they use that for multiple source codes so that they can release 3 or 4 games at the same time. So they do that with flappy croco also the flappy stache and flappy hunt as well. So it’s like 3 source codes straight out of the box ready to launch in a couple of hours. You know that’s a good way of getting, you know it’s like a machine gun approach. You know, one set of graphics and boom! 3 games coming out of it.

That’s really good to know.

And I believe that you can reuse some of the graphics that you already have you know from the jelly flow one and use them for match 3 source code. If you think about it, the jelly flows are characters that are facing the user, facing the player.

And these characters can be used straight into candy crush match 3 source code. Connect with that one. Definitely .
So now, if we want to get in touch how can we do that?

You can find me on Facebook. You can search dot games.

Dot games?

Ya. It’s a page actually.
Ok on facebook? How do you spell it?

Dot games.

Ok easy. Ok dot games alright got it. Ok well I think we are going to stop here. Thanks for coming here on the podcast episode. You brought us a lot of great information and you are the exact example I wanted to show to people that hard work pays off. People think you know that the app store may be one hit wonder that if you are lucky you are going to make it. You actually are the counter example to that. That hard work actually pays off. You keep working hard and you keep just improving on your skills and sharpening your skills and slowly but surely increasing your number of downloads and profits. So I wish you good luck and thank you for coming on the show. And I want to hear back from you. And I want to hear even bigger numbers. Alright?

Yeah thank you man. Thank you very much.

My pleasure, keep in touch.


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