As of December 20th 201,7 Apple has decided to revert back the fact that they were rejecting any apps that were using a template (literally any app template). This rule was affecting small businesses that couldn’t afford a dedicated developer team such as restaurants, clubs, mom and pop shops, and small indie game development teams.

Apple said they did not create this rule with the intention of destroying small businesses but to get rid off the hundreds of thousands of low-quality apps (and games) made from templates that where pestering the App Store.


It goes without saying that developers cannot create low-quality, low-budget apps that would be improved upon with multiple updates. Apps need to have a minimum quality standard straight from day 1. Contrary to online website where developers are free to slap a landing page and an email capture page and then build the product or service.

If you decide to make an app from an app template of from a game template, make sure to improve on the game mechanics, make it unique and refine graphics before even publishing yet. Yes, this means it will take developers a higher budget and a longer release time which ultimately is preventing many people from entering the mobile app industry.

Long gone are the days where you just change the game title and main character design and publish it and make money in the App Store (remember all the Flappy Bird clones? good ol’ times)

Anyway it was good for a while but like anything else things evolve and get more complex. Coming up with a good monetization strategy is key.

The new mobile app playfield has a name and it’s called: “user engagement”

If you think about it, what would you prefer:

Would you rather see 1000 downloads and then these users would only use your app for one minute and uninstall your app

- or -

Would you rather see 100 users downloads then these user your use your app 5 minutes daily for the next 10 years? Obviously the former is the one that will make your business sustainable overtime.

There are so many good source codes available. You should never try to create an app from scratch make sure to always look at what’s already out there as your launchpad.

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