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Whether you have always had a passion for going into business as an entrepreneur of your own or if you have recently caught onto the buzz that comes along with everything-tech and Silicon Valley, understanding the benefits of buying app source codes to make money off of the app store is the first step into breaking into business within the online world. Locating the right mobile app source code marketplace is one big step forward. Buying source codes provides a number of benefits of new start ups and businesses that have already been established who are looking to take their services to the next level for potential customers and online visitors.


Quickly Get Involved With the Market

Anyone interested in Android orĀ iOS source code for sale and other type of mobile app has the ability to quickly get involved with the market, regardless of the audience or demographic you are trying to reach.


Build Your Brand and Reputation with Android or iOS Source Code

Buying source codes is another way for you to also build your company’s brand along with its reputation. Mobile game source code purchases give you the opportunity to show off apps of your own without traditional investments and paying for professionals to complete the job. You will also save time if you choose to buy source code for apps and games over working to develop them on your own from the ground up, allowing you to appear more professional to potential customers and online users.


Buying Android iOS source codes help build your brand and reputation

Once you own different mobile app source codes you want to rebuild or share with your users, you also have the ability to create more than one app with the use of just one source code. Providing an entire gallery of apps for your users can quickly help to spread the word of your brand while also increasing your overall reputation online. The more time and effort you put in to offering a variety of apps for all of the different users who visit your site or use your brand, the easier it becomes to reach a more expansive audience and demographic, regardless of your current target market.


Learn How to Program Hands On with Android or iOS app source codes

When you invest in an app source code, it is much easier to learn to program with a hands-on technique, especially if you are unfamiliar with coding and programming on your own. With an app code, learning various functions and methods of changing behaviors within your app is much easier using a completed game or other type of application you want to share with your users. The more time you spend with an app source code, the more familiar you will become with various methods of coding, formatting and even writing in your own additional functions over time.

Once you find the right app source code marketplace, programmer or developer, you are then capable of looking at how the app is programmed from the very beginning. Starting with a working product is highly recommended if you are interested in becoming more aware of coding and programming and you do not have any current experience of your own or from your past.


Save Money on Investing in Traditional Programmers and Engineers


save time and money when you buy Android iOS app source code

If you choose to buy source code for apps and games, you also have the ability to save both time and money on traditional programmers and developers or engineers to create apps for you from scratch. Buying source codes is one of the best ways to quickly launch a new site or create an online presence without the need of hiring professionals which can ultimately cost thousands of dollars. Whether it is an app source code for iOS or Android, owning it is also a way for you to make any tweaks and edits without having to work with a professional at all times. When you have access to a mobile source code, it is possible to learn all of the functions and behaviors the entire app presents to the user in the front-end presentation of the application itself.
Now, nothing prevents you from hiring app developers, programmers or even designers if need be. they are currently several online marketplaces like Elance or oDesk that lets you find and hire freelancers.


Expand Your User Base and Followers Online


buying Android iOS source codes expand user base and followers

Using the source code of various apps, games and tools is another way for you to expand your user base and the number of followers you have online. The more mobile app source codes you are capable of purchasing and sharing with your followers and fans frequently online, the easier it is to build a base of users who are genuinely interested in downloading and installing any of the apps you create.

Once you purchase the source code, it is then possible to develop multiple mobile apps with the use of just one code if you have access to the entire code itself. Owning the mobile source code allows you to rebuild various apps, reskin them and create new names to launch several of them within the online market for both iPhones and Androids alike, depending on the language your app has been coded in. The more apps you build on and provide for users on your own website and within marketplaces, the easier it is to attract new followers and individuals who have an interest in your brand themselves. Building a library of apps not only helps you to build your reputation and online credibility as a brand, but it also allows you to expand your user base with the number of downloads you receive each day from all of your apps.
Check out how Yohann Taieb, Expert in mobile app flipping & Reskinning from, makes it simple for users to reskin an iOS Source Code and use this as a base to reskin and flip more games by just changing the general theme, background, assets and characters:


Video: Flappy Bird Smasher game source code live reskinning demo

Flappy Birds Smasher game mechanics, and Live demonstration of how simple the app source code reskinning process is.


You Set the Price of you app

After you have purchased the game source code, it is now yours to tweak, edit and make changes to in order to properly fit your brand and the website or company you want to promote online. Once you have completed the designing and editing of your app source code, you also have the ability to set your own price whenever a user chooses to download the app. Whether you want to give apps away for free and implement advertising for a revenue stream or if you simply want to charge a low price to generate an income from your apps, there are multiple methods of going about earning money with the use of app source codes you have purchased, regardless of whether they are games, useful tools or other types of apps.

Setting the price just right for an app you plan to publish live or share online with a mobile source code marketplace is possible by researching various keywords and having a thorough understanding of your audience and the market you want to reach. Research similar applications to your own to compare both free and paid versions to determine your best course of action based on features and capabilities of the apps you have available online to promote.


2048 iOS app source code for sale on AppsFresh


The more you understand your audience and the prices they are willing to pay, the easier it becomes to ensure you are setting your own apps at the proper price to become the most profitable. Even if you believe you are unable to make a profit by charging for your games to your users, it is also possible to earn revenue and to generate a secondary income stream with in-app advertisements.


Generating Income From Advertisements

Whether you have decided not to charge money for any apps you plan to distribute online or if you are brainstorming additional methods of earning an income from your apps and programs for your users, it is also possible to generate revenue with the use of advertisements. Once you buy your source code , using in-app advertisements is one of the quickest ways to earn revenue if you are not interested in charging for the downloading and installation of any apps you have to offer.

Generating an income from advertisements within an app can be done by seeking out individual blogs, websites and companies that you believe may be a right fit. In order to approach companies and other online professionals individually, it is essential to have a business plan of your own in place along with statistics on the current number of page views, visitors and current downloads you have with any of the applications available online for download or installation. The more statistics you have available to show for your current online audience and potential for growth, the more likely you are to find individuals who are interested in advertising directly within the apps you intend to launch.


Android iOS source code with advertising networks


It is also possible to work with third-party services in order to ensure you are serving advertisements within any apps you have for your company at all times. Using a third-party service is a way for you to generate an income stream from your apps without having to find individuals to advertise directly on your application or website individually. Although a third-party service is ideal if you are unfamiliar with getting involved with advertising, pitching and closing sales, you are also required to give the company a percentage of your earnings as a “finder’s fee”, due to their ability to find and serve ads on your application, regardless of its purpose or audience. Services that provide advertising tools and placements for apps are ideal if you are looking to quickly generate revenue, but are not ideal for long-term success if you are looking to make more money in less time.

However, it is also possible to charge for apps while also presenting advertisements, although this may cause disgruntled users who believed paid apps are often premium and free of ads. Disclosing whether or not an applications contains advertisements is highly recommended to share openly with the app’s functions and capabilities before they download it to their own phone or tablet device.


Multiple mobile app source code marketplaces for iOS and Android

Taking an interest in buying app source codes for iOS and Android is also possible with a variety of online mobile marketplaces available today. When you want to buy them from individuals or entire developing companies, you can do so right online, often previewing various apps before making your selections and checking out.

Comparing Android or iOS Source Code for sale options available online is also a way to review the pricing for each app along with the type of programming that has been implemented into each application, tool or game you are interested in purchasing yourself. There are hundreds of apps on the marketplace today, giving you plenty to choose from before checking out and getting started on your own. It is also possible to search for specific apps you are interested in purchasing based on keywords, functions of the app itself as well as specific categories you want to share with your own users and fans online.

Finding the right mobile app source code for sale marketplace is key when investing in app codes you are interested in editing, reselling or even re-branding for your own company or business. Review different marketplaces and the apps available before making your selections and checking out online to ensure you are getting the highest quality of apps while also getting the most affordable price for any budget you have set or in mind. If you are purchasing multiple apps to share with your users online, it is also important to review various sources that are currently selling the app itself to find the lowest price available for the type of app you want to share. You can also buy full rights to an app. Some marketplaces like Apptopia lets you buy app source code & templates of your choice which you can then re-sell as your own.


mobile app source code for sale marketplace iOS


Delivery of Android iOS Source Codes

Once you make the decision to buy app source codes and tools online, doing so is possible within just a few minutes. After making your selection and checking out with the app you have in mind, you will immediately gain access to the source code files necessary to begin editing, building and branding any app you want to share with your own customers, online followers or fans. Some marketplaces online also deliver source codes directly to your email, allowing you to download the files to your hard drive within minutes of making a purchase.


Get to Know Your Audience and User Base More In-Depth

Offering apps to download for mobile devices as well as tablets is also a way for you to gain even more insight into your user base as well as the demographic you are reaching on a personal level. Using analytic tools and programs within your app can help you to track various age ranges, gender and even specific locations of your users to assist you with learning more about who you are reaching. The more you know about your audience and the demographic you are reaching with your current apps, the easier it is to develop new applications that are likely in-demand and popular with your set of users and followers. Catering to your users is another way to help with boosting your brand’s reputation while getting others to spread the word of your website or the apps you have available.


Sharing Your Apps With Social Media Has Never Been Easier

When you buy app source codefor iOS and Android, you also have the ability to upload and share them with various social media communities and networks. Sharing the apps you have developed with the use of different app source codes with your followers on social media is one of the quickest ways to gain traction and for your apps themselves to gain popularity online and with users from around the world. Using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even Tumblr can help to greatly increase the number of users and followers you have after you have invested in app source codes and want to share your final products with an audience.


Facebook advertising network campaigns | AppsFresh


Additionally, it is also essential to stay connected with any users or online followers you have for your brand or business. Using social media is one of the best ways to get feedback, opinions and even questions from your users and those who have downloaded and installed your apps themselves. The more you get involved and actively engage your users online, the easier it is to build your brand’s reputation and to ensure you are delivering applications that are wanted and desirable by your current audience. Asking for feedback also shows that you genuinely care about your audience and followers, increasing their overall dedication and loyalty to your brand altogether.

It is also now possible to run online advertising campaigns with the use of social media, giving you the ability to reach a specified audience or demographic regardless of the app you are looking to promote and share. When you choose to run an advertising campaign on community networks such as Facebook, you have the option of selecting the ages you want to reach, the gender and even specific keywords of individuals that are relevant to their own lives. The more you target your advertising campaigns, the more likely you are to see the results you desire.

Understanding the benefits and advantages of investing in buying an Android iOS app source code that can potentially grow your business is a way to boost your revenue while also increasing your potential reach to new online visitors, loyal fans and even new customers. The more you research various source code marketplaces for games and apps that are relevant to your brand and your own online and offline image, the easier it becomes to set a in plan in place to invest and to get started with the type of development you require for your own business with moving forward.


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