It seems people with full time jobs (9-5ers) are not as present online as other type of people (ie entrepreneurs). It seems their voices are not heard.

What could possibly be the reasons why these people may seems to not be online?


Is it because they don’t have time? Are they too busy with their jobs?

Could it also be because they also are settled down and have a family with kids, which is taking a lot of time and efforts? Ultimately having an online presence might not be their priority number 1. Their top priority might be to take care of their family and kids.

Maybe they just don’t want to be online because they’d rather be in the real world. They know what they would have to sacrifice in order to maintain an online presence.


On a different note, as you may have noticed, English is not my primary language. Someone like me would know better not to even try to blog. Should i just blog in my native language, which is French? Well, i live in the USA now. I am looking forward. I have a lot of opinions(some of them might not even me mine!). I have a strong vision for making this world a bit better for everyone and I am ready to take every sacrifices that I need to take to be where I need to be.


I have a confession to make: my wife and I are miserable.

We not miserable because I work all day and all night every day and every weekends.

We’re not miserable because we cannot stand it other, not at all.

We’re miserable because we are having problems having children.

My wife has gone through multiple miscarriages and our first attempt of IVF treatment has failed. It’s a long and costly process. You’d think the government would help us bring a new taxpayer into this world? Nope. You’d think since i’ve been paying for health insurance for decades that now that we need medical help, it would be covered by the insurance? Nope, useless insurance. I pay $850 each month out off pocket for an insurance that is not reassuring yes i’m trying to play with words, so what?!)

We are now going through the second IVF treatment and it’s very difficult especially for my wife since she has to go through so many drugs and pills (over 50 pills a day, welcome to America) and her body chemistry is unbalanced. (She already had issues prior to IVF treatment, but this is a topic for another post, maybe someday)

And on top of this, her 15 1/2-year-old female dog named Tootsie is dying.

She almost died at least six times in the past two years but every time she survived and one of the reason why she survives is because she’s a strong dog and my wife has been given all her time, energy and love towards sustaining the dog’s life.

My wife does not have time to work so I’m the only one working. I need to bring in revenue to pay for IVF treatments, food and shelter, and the dog’s treatment(we’re talking at least $1000 every month, again, welcome to America).


You may have heard this somewhere before but if you think you could quit your job and become an entrepreneur and afford an amazing lifestyle where you only work a few hours a day, whenever you want, wherever you wish to… I’m sorry to bring bad news to you: this won’t happen, or at least this won’t happen for the next three years ahead of you.

If you’re lucky enough this can happen faster but I can assure you it might even take longer or you may never even happen at all.

Also if you think that being an entrepreneur means that you can do what you want to do, and only focus on the tasks that you like you’re wrong. You will have to do all the things that will bring you to the next level. Most of the time this means that you will only work a half hour a day on what you really want to do then the rest of the time you will be going through boring chores that needs to complement your main task, such as responding to emails, doing social media, blogging, maybe podcasting, creating and uploading videos on YouTube, thinking about new strategies.

Also chances are you will be working from home on your business meaning that there might be people around you such as your significant other, or your kids. It would be hard for these people around you to get to realize that you are not really there… You are actually working and they cannot bother you. This will definitely create tensions between you all because you would be in a position to tell them multiple times  not to interrupt you and they will unconsciously have resentment towards you unless you have an understanding wife like mine (It took us some time to get there but things are getting a lot better now)

OK I’m gonna stop for now, we need to take care of the dog and feeding the dog barium because the dog has an ongoing ulcer.

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