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Recording your own videos using any background has never been so easy! Thanks to Green Screen Live Recording app, you can record yourself using the front camera or the back camera and change the background behind you.
Select any of the dozens of background sets that come with this app, professional scene settings such as work offices, sky, outdoor. You also can choose between animated scenes with busy employees in it, which is perfect to give a professional look to your video and add weight to what you have to say.

Record in any position, portrait or landscape mode.
The app saves your videos instantly to the Photo Library. No need to wait for it to process. And since the videos are in the Photo Library, you’re one step away to share them by email, text message, to youtube, dropbox or any of your favorite apps.

Still want more? We got you covered. You don’t even need a green screen since this app let’s you choose what color range to remove from the environment around you and make it transparent to show the background of your choice.

And to top it off, you can also add your own custom background images from the web, the photo library or straight from the camera.
The images you import can also be totally customized using our top-notch image editing tool that would crop, and rotate your background image.

Finally, this app is free to use, with all background images and all features. Now that’s a deal you cannot refuse! Download it now.



We put a lot of efforts to give you an amazing app. Please tap the review button to add your review. It means a lot to us and to the community. We are a very small team and cannot afford a big marketing budget so please we’re counting on you to spread the word. Thank you!
- New: hundreds of pre-made sets of background images with overlay animations
- New: Added magic slime mode. Fantasy filters to turn your slime into magical slime
- New: Added color picker to select which color to remove from the background
- New: Added settings option to enable or disable audio from background movies
- New: Better overall performance
- New: hold the record button for 3 seconds to take pictures from a movie and from the camera stream.
- New: Audio from background movies and imported movie clips are merged together when recording videos
- New: Camera flash can be turned on or turned off
- Better performance on tablets
- New: Use your watch to start and stop recording remotely
- New: Rotate your videos in landscape mode or portrait mode
- New: Rotate background animated movies in portrait mode or landscape mode
- New: you can now change background images and videos while recording
- New: you can toggle green screen on or off while recording
- New: you can adjust chroma key color while recording videos
- New: you can now mirror the front camera horizontally which allow text to become readable
- New: application works without internet connection
- New: add introduction video and add conclusion video (outro) to your creations
- New: thousands of new stickers, emojis, and animated gifs
- New: thousands of new backgrounds and animated background movies
- New: add your own text banners to your live recordings, videos and photos
- New: access daily trending background images and stickers to make trending videos
- New: set the countdown timer on or off. You can also adjust how long the timer lasts.
- New: You can now apply the green screen effect on any photos & videos from your Photo Gallery
- New: Add your own background videos and animated movies in the background layer
- New: add music to videos and photos
- New background images and animated backgrounds
- New special effects: bubbles, rainbow, lightning, red curtains, stars
- New: stickers emojis and animated overlays can now be moved around, rotated and scaled up or scaled down

- Exciting new feature: Add fantastic special effects to your live videos such as explosions, snow, rain, fire, nyan cat, make it rain dollars and even a poop emoji!

- Now allows you do add your own custom movies as background from your photo library
- More green screen backgrounds for in-school daily news show.
- New feature: You can now apply the green screen effect on any movies from your Photo Gallery (or apply it on any other color you’d like!)
New feature: You can now apply the green screen effect on any photos from your Photo Gallery (or apply it on any other color you’d like!)
New feature: You can add your own audio tracks from your music library or from our template
New features: thousands of emojis, stickers, background images and movies are now available
New features: Come back often and check out our trending backgrounds, and stickers
New: Add text to your videos
New: You can now change the look of stickers by moving them around, scaling them up or down, and rotating them

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  • Michele Nokleby

    I used this green screen app this summer and was very happy. Now I can no longer use my own photo as a background. When I click “use” nothing happens.

    • https://appFresh.us/ Yohann AppFresh.us

      hi Michelle, yes, this is a bug in version 4.5. We have a new update with the fix awaiting approval, It’s coming out today or tomorrow. Thanks for using the green screen app. Let me know how it goes once you install the update v4.7+.
      I’d love to see the creative vidz you’re making with the app. Feel free to contact me directly at info@appsfresh.com

      • Fer Garzia

        hi Yohann I can restore my premium. I tried everything you said and can’t get my HD feature. I bought the lifetime version a year ago.

  • perlguy

    I purchased app subscription on my iPad. On my iPhone when I try to use HD or restore, it tells me that I am already subscribed – but the HD feature will not work and none of the pro features work.

    Also, the UI could use a bit of work.

    • https://appFresh.us/ Yohann AppFresh.us

      Hello Mike. The subscription sometimes takes a while to be retrieved (that’s Apple system). Wait a half hour, and also remove the app from the background tasks then relaunch it (that’s how i do it). Let me know how it goes. By the way, you’re right about the app design. It needs work. Right now we’re working on adding tons of new features. Once we have the majority of them in, we’ll apply a new design. Cheers! Let me know how it goes with he subscription

  • Fer Garzia

    I’m really upset! I was charged twice for this lifetime or premium app. I bought the app a year ago and I couldn’t restore the app to get HD video and remove watermark. I clicked to get the premium app again thinking they can’t charge me twice. and they did charge me again 49 dollars . I contacted iTunes customer service to solve this issue and I couldnt solve anything.

    • https://appFresh.us/ Yohann AppFresh.us

      Hi Fer, you must have bought a different in-app purchase. Ask Apple for a refund on the new purchase. Then here is how to restore your purchase. Make sure you update GSL to the latest version, then go to the camera screen and in the bottom left corner, there is a small button that says “restore”, tap is and go through the process. Sometimes it takes up to 30 minutes for the restore to occur (Apple’s system!) , i advise you shit down the app and reopen it. That all you need to do. If you’re still having problems, contact info@appsfresh.com Thanks for coming back to Green Screen Live, and good luck

  • LP

    I need to delete the videos which I shared however the app keeps crashing. I want to also delete my profile however I only see a logout option. Help required.

  • Bez

    I would like to cancel my yearly payment after i bought this crap it started crashing all the time. Its a waste of 12.99.

  • Bez

    And after The updates the app crashes please fix or i want a refund

  • Lauren Wareham Pham

    My son downloaded thinking he could play for a few days and didn’t know it was auto subscription. I’ve looked everywhere and even the link sent to cancel and can’t cancel

  • Irene

    Helo, I am using the iPad mini to record. IPad mini1 does not allow for ios10 software update. Is there a version of this app I can download that will allow use on iPad mini? Thanks!

    • https://appFresh.us/ Yohann AppFresh.us

      no sorry, it only works with iOS 10 and up

  • Carolina

    Por qué no está la app para España?????

  • Carolina

    Please can you answer me? I am a teacher, I love this app, the last year I use it a lot with my students but this year is not possible. :( I need your app for my classes! Please!

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