Episode 16: Interviewing Gloryvee, entrepreneur, rocking the mobile app stores.

Listen how you can resurrect a dead mobile app, get millions of downloads and a 6-figure revenue out of it by keep reskinning it for different holiday seasons! Gloryvee shares priceless secret with us. An episode you can’t afford to miss!

Also Gloryvee is kind enough to offer free private mobile coaching to one lucky winner. Thank you Gloryvee!


Gloryvee (She’s standing in the middle!)

gloryvee rocking mobile app stores


Podcast Transcripts:

YOHANN TAIEB: So, today I have an amazing guest. Her name is Gloryvee Cordero, and she’s been working at the Mobile App Industry. Hi Gloryvee, how are you?

GLORYVEE:: Hi YOHANN:, how are you?

YOHANN::  I’m doing amazing, thank you. Yes, so, the reason why we are here today is that, you’ve been doing lots of different things and we could talk for hours about all the different things you’re doing. You have plenty of different businesses, not just in the Mobile App industry, but pretty much everywhere. But, today, we want to focus on your Mobile App stuff. Can you just give us the background about yourself and how you came in the mobile industry?

GLORYVEE:: Sure, absolutely. You know, I’ve been in the tech industry for quite a bit of time. I started quite early in my career. When I was about 15 (years old) or so, I started developing a lot of software applications for Fortune-500 companies as an intern, with what is now Brizen. At the time it wasn’t, it was a telephone company. And, I’ve migrated from that. I was quite interested in the mobile industry about 2007-2008, and you know, it’s interesting because at that time, it was only fully coding from scratch; you really didn’t have a lot of fun in actually developing games. It was actually very frustrating for the most part. There weren’t the things that we have today to really be able to reskin an app and make multiple apps from one code.

So, back then I was doing a lot of government work and I was actually creating mobile applications within the government sector and it was, again, not the most fun of things to do. But, it was definitely an interest of mine. So then, about…I would say about two years ago, I met a couple of friends of mine that were into the mobile industry. And, they had heard of the app empire and they told me about it. There was this rave about going into mobile applications and I was in development. I just got very excited about it because it seemed that it was going to be fun, not just a lot of programming and frustrations. I also noticed that there was a shift in monetization that wasn’t there in previous years. A lot of (us), previous developers, we were developing, hoping that people would purchase, right?

So we would rather take a government contract because that would pay well, rather than monetizing an app in the app store. But, all of that had been changing so we decided, ”Hey, lets give this a try!”, and a lot of my friends started getting into it and I got in as well. And, it was a rough start because I had just done programs, you know, many, many things, but never in my wildest imagination would I have ever done anything with Coco Studio or with Object C programming. And here it was, I was in front of it, in front of this thing going, “oh my! This is different.” So I tackled with outsourcing, and those didn’t go too well either and you get to that point when you say, “Hmm, is it worth even my time?” But, back in December of, not this year but the year before. I made a commitment to say, “By the end of 2013 I want to make six figures doing this and if I don’t, that will be my cue to just walk away and do my own thing.” And, I achieved that. By August of last year, I already had over 1.5 million downloads in the app store. I had about… , I only had about 45 apps in the app store. And, it was one app that had made its debut and it was, I guess, the most popular. And it came out of my passion for car racing. I am a ‘Gear head’ and I have a sports car. I have an LS-1 and it’s fully souped up with, like, nitrates and everything. It’s a 10-second car; it literally does a quarter miles in 10.8 seconds …..

YOHANN:: I don’t know what that means but it sounds pretty quick to me..

GLORYVEE:: Yeah, you know, its my passion to race cars down the track and my biggest  desire in life was to race the Autobahn, and so I created a race-car game called ‘The Autobahn’, which hit 2 million downloads already. At that time it had already hit.., it was reaching already 800,000 downloads or something.

YOHANN: I want to explain what ‘The autobahn ‘ is for people that don’t know. Basically, in Germany, we have those highways that don’t have speed limit; you can go as fast as you wish to.

GLORYVEE::  exactly, it is in Germany and people rent cars like 9-11’s and Ferraris and they fly down this road, to race each other through the highway like crazy maniacs trying to see what the car can do. But that was the app that really got me motivated with the mobile applications, and that time, I also had quite a success in the photo apps. And I don’t know how many people are into photo apps, but they are very lucrative. And that’s actually the first app that I made. (it) was a photo app , and don’t ever get discouraged if the first release isn’t good because, when I released my photo app in January of 2013, it failed miserably (in) the first release. I said, “You know what, I will give it a second chance.” And, I went back. I said, “I’m going to basically change a couple of key words, I’m going to change my screen shots, and I’m going to try to tell my friends and family a little bit about it..”, and well, it worked. I also did something that, I don’t know if a lot of people do, but it’s something to consider; it’s that I actually market the site with a Facebook fan page. And, I had a campaign that I released on Facebook to help people like the app. And, I actually got about 10,000 followers for the app.

YOHANN: hold on, you said that you had that game that wasn’t doing good at all. Then, later on? How long, later, did you decide to just modify it?

GLORYVEE: a photo app.. it was a photo app. In this instance, its called “Instainspire” and, a part of that “insta” .

YOHANN: yeah, the way “InstaGram” is…

GLORYVEE: so, everything is “Insta-something” in photos. But for “InstaInspire” the first release was in December and I was trying to capture that market in December, but I rushed into it because I was trying to do it before the app store closed. I mean, I really tried to hustle and to try and get it out there, and it was pre-mature release. And so, I waited until January and I notice that it wasn’t doing as well as I wanted it to. It was getting about 5000 downloads a day, which isn’t bad. I mean, it started with around 20,000 a day and then it just dropped to 5000 in a day. And I saw all of my friends getting around 50,000 and I was like’ “whoa.. wait a minute.. if they are getting that then this is the possibility of this app, so let’s try and max the potential of what it can do. The app was unique because the photo app would allow people to take pictures and then put audio messages to the pictures. And so, I didn’t see any other app that did that. And I said, “you know what?

This thing has a potential. Let’s see what we can do with it.” And so, in January, I went back, I changed the screen shots, I changed the key words and I started the Facebook campaign at the same time, the release of the app came out, and I released that very same day a Facebook campaign where I started to try and get likes. I started to get followers on Facebook for the app. And I got about 10,000+ people that said’ “whoa.. this is cool!” and that really boosted the numbers. So I got tons of downloads.

YOHANN: wait, how did it work? Can you explain to me the details of how did you…. Who was your audience? How did you target in Facebook?

GLORYVEE: sure, sure! What I did on Facebook was; they have categories on Facebook and you can actually go to and create your campaign for your fan page for any of your apps. First and foremost you add the (app). you have to go to the “developer.Facebook.com” and actually create an environment for your app in there, so that its in there in their apps pages as well. But I did that. And I actually, in your blog if you want, I can actually put a link on how to do that and then people can have step-by-step instructions. The other big thing is that; in your fan page you actually have to have a link that takes the person to install the app. So, you want them to like it, but you also want them to go and install it. So, there is a way to create that button that says “Download app” right on your fan page.

And I have the ‘step-by-step’ for that too,  so you don’t have to think of “how do I do this?” but, I implemented all of that before the app came out and the day that the app came out – that very day – I started the campaign at the same time simultaneously. I wanted to see how I could maximize on Facebook to create an audience for it. And, the targeted audience that I chose was  – I went and I looked for photography groups and the category of photographs. You can also choose iOS and mobile people. So depending on what type of an app you have coming out, you can target it directly to that audience – except for casino, because apparently, Facebook does not allow you to create campaigns for gambling. I don’t know why that is so. I tried to do it the other day and they rejected it and said, “No, no it can’t be real gambling. It only has to be virtual.” So only like coins; like, if they are trying to buy coins for the games, that’s ok. But if it’s real gambling for real money then they wont advertise it on the campaigns on Facebook. But, this was a photo app, so it worked out very well. I had about 10,000+ people that connected with it, and started downloading it, and started posting pictures. And, what I did was that I had photo sharing inside the app and so people could share it and it would tell them what app it was shared from. So, it would say  “,,,captured by InstaInspire”. And so every time someone would post on Facebook that they added this picture with my app, it would have that cute little thing attached to it that would say what app it was with a little link that would then influence people to download the app.

YOHANN: it does have the viral value in the sense that, for every share then you can have all the friends can actually see the name of your app. So it’s like free promotion for you.

GLORYVEE: exactly. And those were the types of many little things that I had been missing before and I added on to the app to make it viral a little better. But I think the biggest thing was that, during that time is that some blogger picked it up and they just put a little blurb about my app in their blog – I don’t know if it was a blog or one of those news websites, and I don’t even remember which one (it was). I remember that it was right above some huge scandalous news article about Apple or something. And that exploded the downloads because people were concerned about the news that had come out – this article. And my little blurb about my app was on top of that article.

YOHANN: I see. So basically, there were some eyes that happened to be on the site but that was good enough for people to look at your stuff – got it!

GLORYVEE: it was really funny. I just saw the numbers sky-rocket really quickly; then 50,000 and then 75,000 and I mean, it was just going up and up. And I had to look to see what had happened because I knew that I had the followers and I could see that people were posting their pictures all over. But it was that one article that really boosted that. And it was in Spain, of all places. So it was an interesting thing because there was a lot of downloads in Spain than any other country! And I was like’ “why in Spain?”. And so I had to go through Google and I noticed that it was on an article that it ended up in. Which is a good point; if you get anything out of this entire scenario is that; getting bloggers to really talk about your app and promote it, whether they like it or hate it – it doesn’t matter because it gets the word out, and that really…

YOHANN: yes, any publicity is good, bad or good publicity, that’s the main fact.. that’s right.

GLORYVEE: exactly! And its crazy to think that this little blurb of my app on a completely different… on an article that had absolutely nothing to do with apps, really got people motivated to go check out the app itself. So, the app was ranking… just until recently top 100 best apps, like photo apps, and in that category; photos and videos category. That happened in January, and then In February I reskinned that app; that source code, I should say and I made it into a valentine’s theme photo app. And, this is where it gets really, really interesting because…

YOHANN: so you basically reskinned it, is that a completely new app or is it.. you just…

GLORYVEE: no, I took the app and I skinned it for valentine’s day, and instead of it having .. it had a theme now.. it was just a generic app  where, you know, it had frames but they were generic frames, and you could.. it had a look and feel that was more like “insta-“ like InstaGram but this one was themed for the holiday; for the valentine’s holiday and I called it “The Love Booth”. And, I called it “the Love Booth” because Photobooth was very big, and so I called it Love Booth. But, I don’t know if it was because it sounds provocative, or it sounded liker something else, I have no idea what caused this one to viral but in less than 48 hours, I was in top (100).. I was 65 in Top overall.

YOHANN: over all.. wow, that’s amazing.

GLORYVEE: it was insane and it was all organic; I dint even publicize it; I dint even tell people about it. It just automatically got to the top of the charts and I could only assume that it was only because of the name of the app. I tried to look to see if people had articles about it or anything.. no articles!

YOHANN: no? it just had pure.. just natural organic growth, like you said. That’s amazing!

GLORYVEE: yeah, and that’s another key point; its holidays! I targeted this holiday. I told a few people. I don’t know if too many people knew, but I had told a few o my friends. It seems as though I positioned it about three days before the holiday came (out) and I think most of the audience was looking for an app for the holiday itself. And so, I think that it really affected, like, influenced the viral-ing of the app as well, because it was the exact moment where there was a lot of people looking for the valentine’s day photo apps.

YOHANN: perfect timing. It came in the store right on time whenever they needed it.

GLORYVEE: exactly. That’s another thing to take a look at when you have an app that is a holiday app. If you position it so that its actually about three days before it happens, you’ll get a peak; you will get a lot of the initial push because people are looking for that type of an app for that theme, for that holiday. So I tried it again; I reskinned the photo app again for St. Patrick’s day, and the same thing happened again. It viraled again.

YOHANN: did you try to release it about three days before?

GLORYVEE: yes, I did. And just to be sure that I wasn’t crazy ..

YOHANN: good job! So this is the magic formula right there. You are giving us a gold nugget right here. Because I was wondering for Christmas time. I have three or four different apps and games and I always wonder when is the perfect time to  do that. But for Christmas time, it’s a bit harder because there is lots of competition and the store is closed for a week. So its harder to time it, definitely.

GLORYVEE: definitely. That is one of the holiday seasons that’s the hardest to target like when to get that thing out. But, the holidays like St. Patrick’s day or Easter. I did thanksgiving. I had a harvest photo app and like three days before thanksgiving, I had one. Three days before the Easter holiday.. I had two (apps) for Easter, I had a religious one and it was called “Inspirational booth” or something, and I had the “Easter booth” and it had Easter bunnies, and you can have little eggs that you put like stickers, or the little eggs and stuff on your photos. But again, I timed it so that it was very close to the holiday and it got that initial push because there are many people looking for it. And then, you do see that it drops. But the amazing thing is that if people like your app and you have push notifications there, they will continue to use your app. And even right now, I still make money with each of those apps on a daily basis. People use it, because they like the tools and the features that are in it.

And then, you put push notifications in there and that’s your audience base. And, you have them in your push wish or whatever you are using to connect with your audience and to tell them from time to time “hey, check this out; this is kind of cool, I’ve got something new here”. And you are building your audience that way even though it was just that initial, it pays for itself and in the long run, you end up creating an audience base for yourself and for the apps that you release. So, it worked out very well. I have about six of them and again, I reskinned into different themes and I just pushed them out every single time, timing it so that it would come out exactly when I wanted. Mother’s day, father’s day;  I haven’t even done birth theme, Marty Graw; there are so many holidays!! And you can have a lot of these types of apps come out right before the holiday to get that initial push and gather your audience with the push notifications and software that are out there.

YOHANN: you definitely got me motivated now. I’m ready to just give it a shot, and I’m wondering; when is the next holiday!

GLORYVEE: I think it’s the St. Patricks day. I think St. Patty’s day is next, and again, I’ve not tried it with a racing game, but I have tried them for the photo apps. I have themed them for the holidays and it seems to work very well with the photo apps. You can try other types of apps, like non-Game ones and see how they work. But, you can also try the game ones too, especially when there are so many holidays that you can try them for. I really think people can maximize on that and what they do with their app reskins.

YOHANN: excellent! Do you mind sharing the download numbers of the photo booth apps?

GLORYVEE: oh yes. The photo booth app was getting about 95,000 downloads during its peak. Right now its probably like 637,000 downloads, just on their own. Instainspire is reaching like 800,000 or something like that. So, each of them has lots of downloads but it all happens from that first push. And the great thing is that they still make money today. I can still reskin it 3, 4, 5 , 6 ,7 times or more because with reskins you can continue to introduce a new theme for that type of app , especially for photography. If you have functionality that you are introducing to an audience, by bringing it back and saying, “You dint like those stickers? Or you dint like those frames? Maybe you’d like these for this holiday,” and you can introduce that app again with these different elements. The other thing that I haven’t tried yet with these photo apps, but lots of people that have photo apps do, is they lock a lot of those features. So, they give you one free sticker or one free frame, and the rest of them are locked.

YOHANN: yes, its like a Fremium..

GLORYVEE: exactly, and those are becoming purchases as well, that you can unlock to actually utilize.

YOHANN: so, you are not doing any of that?

G; not with these., because these came out last year and I haven’t even gone out and themed them and they still make money.

YOHANN: so that means you still have a lot of potential there, right?

GLORYVEE: exactly. but it takes time to go back and re-code in an app store and I don’t have a lot of time..

YOHANN: a question, do you do all that by yourself? Do you do the code by yourself?

GLORYVEE: I’ve done some code myself, but now I don’t do it any more. I have teams that work for me so I tend to do more of the management now.

Y; yes, it makes sense. It’s like natural evolution. You do it but on your on but once you are at the point where you are too busy you have to delegate.

GLORYVEE: and that’s something that most people do. You start by creating reskins, you want to try and do a few by yourself just because you want to get your hands on it and go through the entire process and see what you have to do. Don’t be afraid of the source code. go in there and learn from courses that are available. People have courses that take people through it, and that is perfect because people really need to get their feet wet and see what the process is all about. And then when you are bigger and you have 100 apps in the store then, guess what… you can now delegate because you will feel more comfortable by knowing the process and having gone through it. I always tell people to definitely get a few courses under their belt and to make a few themselves and when you feel you are ready to move forward, you can do that.

YOHANN: I totally agree with you in the sense that; the more you know about the business and what goes around in the industry, the better you are at doing things and the easier it is to grow.

GLORYVEE: absolutely. And the thing is, with so much source code that is out there, you don’t have to invest as much as you would have to 2 to 3 years ago because people have been generous and allowing others to purchase source code and say, “you can utilize this to get started.” So it does create more opportunities for the novice who want to learn, and want to become a part of an industry that can leave you with a six figure salary on a very short time frame I you are committed to it. So, there is a lot of potential and its only growing. That’s the greatest thing about this. You only see it grow when you are in the midst of it. So you have got to seize this moment and know that if you do, you can really do something that is amazing and great.

YOHANN:  you really brought out a good point here, a very crucial word; you said commitment and that’s very important. The way I see it, I have seen students with the very exact source code. Some of them almost made no money, and some of them made huge amounts of money with the same exact source code, and the main difference is that someone applied a smarter theme and started to ride some kind of wave and kept working on it and kept pimping it. Some people may get sad the first time they try and its just not coming out right for them. What do you think about it? Like, even yourself, you went through it, right?

GLORYVEE: of course, it was (hard). And that’s the thing you have to realize that your first app right from the word go, (you have to realize that) it may not make it but that doesn’t mean that you cannot improve it and make it work. Instainspire is really the inspirational story on an app that I could have given up on; I pushed it out of the door when it wasn’t ready, I wasn’t ready and it did poorly. I could have let it die and I would have walked away but I had made a commitment to try it again. And I had reskinned it six times when it did very well and started to viral because I tried different things for it. It was very discouraging the first time because for a month I couldn’t figure why nobody wanted this app; it was my sweat and I poured out my all into it. That’s how you feel at first, but don’t allow that to keep you from trying again. You can always re-release your app. You can always put out a new version out there. You can always reskin it and try it out in a different way, and that’s what so great about app reskinning.

YOHANN:  and, its never been any easier, because in the past you had to spend so much time and so much money, and we were not sure about the results. But now there is getting some source code, and maybe a freelancer to do the graphics and you are good to go. With a couple hundred dollars, you can get an app going, right?

GLORYVEE: absolutely. Actually, I used to be in a girls group and I would help them get started. A lot of them were trying to figure out, “What do I do? How do I reskin the codes that I have?” never allow your codes to collect dust. Make them work for you, get a new page for them; don’t allow them to just sit. If you have a source code that you haven’t made an app for it, make an app for it. Make many apps for it. Make it work for you. I have noticed that a lot of people buy source codes and they don’t even (make apps). They said, “I’ve tried to find an artist and I couldn’t and so it’s collecting dust. Now I have like five codes, and I’ve only really done it (apps) with one code.. “. Don’t do that. Make a commitment and say, “I’m not going to allow my source code to collect dust. I’m going to try it and try it and try it!” until one of your apps is doing amazingly well and you are going to learn from all of the releases that go out there. So you are going to have a source code, and two different apps for that source code and two different themes, and you may look at it and notice, “this one did ok, and this one did better, why?” and now you can analyze those two apps and compare them with each other to see why one did better than the other one. Maybe it was the reskins or the theme that you put on, maybe it was the frames that you put on the app store.

Or, maybe it was how you named it or a combination of things. But regardless of what it was, you have some comparable things that you could take a look at. If you hadn’t tried, you wouldn’t have that. So I always tell people to always get it out there and start to make as many as you can so you can improve on it. But then, for this group of girls with whom I would have these sessions, I would always help them make the first step and I would take them through the entire process and at the end off the session they had their apps done. And they were able to submit them to the app store. And I would tell them, “let’s make an app for seven dollars, that’s how much we are going to make the app for. You guys already have the source code, lets go and buy some vector graphics. We are only going to spend seven dollars on this thing and we are going to release it and we see how much this thing makes. So we had some slots code and we decided we were going to but (graphics).  So everyone went to Fotolia.com and bought. In Fotolia, you put in like 14 dollars and you can get a couple of different source codes and vector graphics, and you can get whatever you want with them. So, I told them to just buy some and they did. So, seven dollars, that’s how much we were to spend. So, they bought it, we did them together and released them. There was one person that made 1200 dollars on two of the apps, and another person made 700 dollars a day on their app. It was a seven dollar investment.

YOHANN: you are never going to find this anywhere, even on the stock market!

GLORYVEE: it’s possible. The great thing is that you have your source code, and depending on where you got your source code…there is source code out there that is 15 dollars, 20 dollars, you buy it. Like in CodeCanyon.net, you go there and you find it real cheap, now you only need vector graphics for it. no problem! go to Fotolia, go to Shutterstock, go to orbit, go to all these sites that have vector graphics. And not just vectors, they have png’s, they have all these types and formats for images that you can purchase. Buy a bunch of them, and if you don’t eel comfortable with it and you want to buy just a few, go ahead and just buy. You can buy just 7 dollars worth, and now you have something to make that code work for you, and you make the app and release it. the first one may do poorly but it will make you more that 7 dollars and you get your money back.

YOHANN: that’s an awesome experience, to get your money back.

GLORYVEE: exactly. That’s the whole point. And you learn from the process and it doesn’t have to be as expensive as when purchasing years ago. You would have to drop 3000 or 4000 dollars just to get a game made but nowadays you have the opportunity to do it at an inexpensive price. Try it as many times as it takes until you are making five figures a month. Most of the people that I’m around are at that level. And, we all started making nothing.

YOHANN: yep, we have got to start somewhere, step by step, baby steps.

GLORYVEE: but I always tell people to give it a couple of months, to try it a couple of months and I you do you will start to build your own little empire. You will have apps, and there is residual income that comes from apps in the store. They will always be there, whether its making you a dollar a day, 50 dollars a day or making you 12,000 dollars a day. They are all going to make you money and they are always going to be there making you something. And, if they are not making you enough, guess what, you can make a new one with that source code and keep going, and have as many as you want inside there and learn from the process. Learn to always go back and look at the statistics. You business is going to live and breathe with the analytics. And knowing why – the why’s, the question marks. Knowing why an app did well and that one didn’t. What can I do differently with this one, to re-release it and make it work for me. But, never give up, please just continue to build. And as you do that, you are going to get more motivated because  – imagine the person who put in seven dollars to create an app and saw 700 dollars in one day. You see, they are going to be very motivated to try again and learn from the entire experience. You will never be able to accomplish that unless you try.

YOHANN:  and it goes for everything, not just the mobile app industry and the app reskinning industry. For any business you have got to keep on trying and keep trying. But, there is something specific about the mobile app industry and app reskinning industry. Its that, in other industries, you have to pay thousands of dollars to get an education, and even at the end of the day you are not even sure you are going to make a dollar out of in. But, what’s great about app reskinning, its so easy to get in, and the money you have to put in; its so little and you will make some money back anyway. So its one of those few places you can get some education and get financially rewarded for it. Its actually amazing.

GLORYVEE: yes, without a doubt. Its one of the most inexpensive ways to get into the tech market, that’s for sure. Another thing I would tell them is that, if you are a developer of games and you want to develop a AAA game and get into the actual gaming market, this is a great way to create capital for that. A lot of people that are trying to create gaming studios and have actual investors to invest, and give to fund their next project, they are looking or people that can builds capital. And so app reskinning and getting into the market in this way will allow you to build capital, and you can look impressive to investors that can bring thousands and thousands of dollars to the table, or even millions of dollars to the table and say, “I will invest in you because I know that you can build capital and that you are able to make it happen.” So, there is a lot of young people that are in gaming industry looking for that AAA game that will be completed. I’m telling you guys too – go out there, start reskinning, build your capital and then work on that game on the side, that big game, that next Call of Duty game that you really love, knowing that you have residual income also supporting your other dreams. You have to have a strategy to it, and know that this isn’t the only thing you can do. You can expand and have other facets of this company that you are creating. As an entrepreneur, you have to be on the cutting edge of all of these different types of things. But, to have that stability – I have built this and its running well, now I can focus and put more effort into these other areas and really start to build those as well. That enables you to do that when you are reskinning and you are building your apps for your company, to help your company grow.

YOHANN: well, Gloryvee thanks for all that information you have given us, its really packed with gold nuggets. So, even myself, I will have to listen to your recipes again.

GLORYVEE: no problem, not at all.

YOHANN: now, how do we get in touch with you?

GLORYVEE: you can go to my website which is instaappsllc.com or you can find me on Facebook. I also own Candy LLC and its info@candy.ly if you want to email me. I can help anyone who wants to get a little information but I think we have a gift also for someone. I’m going to be giving away mentoring session, so I’m basically going to be helping one lucky winner to basically get an app in the app store from start to finish. You get to pick the source code from my library of source codes that I’ve built myself, and we build it together and I’ll show you all the steps and we’ll release one for you.

YOHANN: excellent!! Please visit appfriends.us  and click on Gloryvee’s podcast and we will set you up. And, good luck to the winner. That’s an amazing gift guys. You are getting hands-on training by somebody that is working in the mobile app industry. Even myself, I would love to get in. so definitely that’s an amazing gift. Thank you Gloryvee. I really appreciate that.

GLORYVEE: Definitely, no problem at all.

YOHANN: so we definitely want to hear back from you because you have so many things going on. I don’t even know how you can manage so much, but good job and I am going to have to invite you someday and we are going to have to talk about other things that you do. I’m not going to start talking about them because we can go on for ever. But thanks again, we really appreciate it.

GLORYVEE: no problem, any time. Take care


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