Mobile games and apps reskinning podcast

  • Episode 27: Interview with Stav Zilbershtein, the CEO of, a source code marketplace. Listen to how his platform is differentiating itself from Chupamobile or Apptopia, and hear his point of view of the future of indie app development
  • Episode 26: Retrospective on 2015. New strategies for 2016.
  • Episode 25: Lessons from 2014 App Reskinning Business and Planning 2015
  • Episode 24: Nicole Halloween App Reskinning Tournament 2014 Winner.
  • Episode 23: App Reskinning Tournament Winner giving away all his tips.
  • Episode 22: Source Codes Do’s and Don’ts, App Tournament update and Courses for Kids.
  • Episode 21: Unity 3D is powerful at making quick good looking games.
    Listen to how Simon Crack pulls millions of downloads using Unity in this podcast episode.
  • Episode 20: Hard work pays off. Listen how Kerr started taking app reskinning courses and finally made it to the top educational apps in several countries using the Freaking Math code.
  • Episode 19: Sergio made his first iOS game in a week and reach #1 spot in the Japanese iTunes charts. He is giving all his secrets away!
  • Episode 18: Yohann explains a quick and simple trick that can boost your app or game rank higher in the Paid App section of the iTunes App Store.
  • Episode 17: The 2048 game has reached #1 spot in all app store. Now is the time to ride the 2048 trends. Yohann talks about the different 2048 source code clones available for reskinning.
  • Episode 16: Interviewing Gloryvee, entrepreneur, rocking the mobile app stores. Listen how you can resurrect a dead mobile app, get millions of downloads and a 6-figure revenue out of it by keep reskinning it for different holiday seasons! Gloryvee shares priceless secret with us. An episode you can’t afford to miss! Also Gloryvee is kind enough to offer free private mobile coaching to one lucky winner. Thank you Gloryvee!
  • Episode 15: Interviewing Sean Nam, CEO of, he explains how he has been reskinning the extended version of the Casino Slot source code, without any outside help. Commando Style! Also, Sean is giving away a free guide for anyone wanting to get into game reskinning –
  • Episode 14: Interviewing Vin, CEO of, seller of the famous flappy bird clone source code.The amazing story of the Flappy Bird game and the fact that it has been removed from the App Store and Google Play store has brought a huge gap in the mobile game industry. This Flappy Bird clone source code has been the answer to many as several interesting clones have been populating the market lately.
    Also Vin is kind enough to give away the source code of a “4 pics 1 word” iOS full source code for free. Just listen to the interview to know how to get it.
  • Episode 13: Here is how to increase user retention by 65% by adding 10 simple line of codes.Listen to Alex Mussafi from Nextpeer. Quick and easy way to add cross-platform multiplayer, challenges, tournaments, leaderboards, game streams, and Facebook integration.Also don’t miss the opportunity to get free visibility for your game by listening to the podcast. What?! You don’t want free promotion for your games? yea, I thought so… ;)
  • Episode 12: Learn how Doron David, a project manager, successfully leads his mobile app reskinning business to success. He also was generous enough to give live coaching lessons to one lucky winner and bring him or her to the next level! Make sure you listen to the episode to learn how to apply, cheers!
  • Episode 11: Steve Young, host of the Mobile App Chat podcast, shares with us what his experience creating his first iPhone game reskin, following the step by step online video course to create an iPhone Pinball game. Listen how he now ranks number 1 in the app store for the search word Kickboxer.
  • Episode 10: Interview with Jeff Pavacic. Learn how Jeff, CEO of AppFanntastic, has a successful reskinning app business and hear how he’s teaching his wife to do the same to increase revenues. Also learn how he hires freelancers to speed up the reskinning process. Make sure to get the freebies on, Jeff is giving away some of his amazing game graphics and special effects. Thanks Jeff!
  • Episode 9: Interview with William Jones who uses the infamous vegas slot machine game template. Hear why it’s so important to not miss any step in the reskinning process. Also listen to the whole interview as we have amazing Lunatik stylus pens for your iPhone or iPad to win in the free raffle. Cheers!
  • Episode 8: Racking 6-figure downloads with Brett’s Temple Invasion source code – Listen How Brett Wash gets 6 figure downloads with an easy to reskin ‘Shoot Them up’ source code named Temple Invasion. Listen to the episode to learn how you can enter the raffle and win this amazing source code.
  • Episode 7: Listen How Oliver Saylor owns 2 mobile app companies and manages more than 15 freelancers to get things done faster. He also shares a simple app store trick to quickly boost your downloads. Don’t forget to grab the freebies he gave away on, plenty of high quality iPhone 5 placeholders on all imaginable angles. Perfect for animations or presentations. You won’t find this anywhere else!
  • Episode 6: Meet Austin Church, CEO of BrightNewt, world’s top reskinning source codes
  • Episode 5: Vlad Ukis ingeniously reskins medical apps
  • Episode 4: Jesse Davis – Quick reskinning using asset packages
  • Episode 3: Flipping Apps with Patrick Schroeder
  • Episode 2: Tyler Kessler Flips iPhone Games
  • Episode 1: Mobile App Flipping Podcast – Goals



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