How has the world changed when it comes to communicating with one another?

Since the Internet came out with the smart phones, it would make sense to think that it’s never been so easy to talk to one another at anytime anywhere, whether you are at your house, at work or even thousands of miles away on a trip… You can still communicate with your “circle of family and friends”.

Now you would think that since you can keep communicating with your family and your close friends, why would you need to meet new people? Why interact with random strangers outside your “tribe”?

We have to admit nowadays we are so busy we barely even have time to meet. Is it because technology is taking over our lifestyle and our social life?

Are you more social since you got a smart phone? Ask yourself when was the last time you went out and met with friends?

How many times a week are you meeting with your friends since you have a smart phone? Forced meetups do not count. (ie work, school, temples, etc…)


Do you think you used to meet your friends more often before the smartphone era?

I personally think so. Eventhough it’s a little bit hard to tell because life is not static, it constantly evolve. As time goes by, you do different things, ie get a full time job, have kids, and now we are in a time where getting older usually means having less friends. It’s obvious that when you were in school you were forced to hang out with people your age and the fact that you were in this pool of people your age, you were artificially forced to make friends (and foes) .

Also as you get older you probably don’t need as many friends anyway…When you’re younger things are more puzzling, amazing and then you get used to them and then why would you need friends when you can just go online and talk to people?

And also I’d like to talk about video games (yes, this is my blog, it could be messy)

Video games nowadays allow you to play with other people online or socializing since you can interact with them. Does this online interaction really feels social?

It’s missing the human touch. We’re not actually seeing the people, we don’t actually get the physical touch… it’s just bunch chunks of data going through wires…

Do you consider it to be social?

Your answer might probably depend on your age and where you live.

I personally I’m in my late 30s and I grew up in a time where the Internet was just starting out and it was not readily available which means that most people were barely using it or not using it at all. I personally feel that the Internet does not satisfy me on a social standpoint.

Actually, it feels very plain and cold.

If you’re reading this and you’re from the younger generation, I’d love to know what’s your take on it.

It somehow reminds me of when I grew up and I was looking upon my parents and their friends when they thought that TV was doing that to them. They considered TV to be antisocial and I tend to believe that TV is actually not antisocial and can bring people closer to one another. So I’m wondering either the same thing is happening now between my generation and the younger generation.

ok bye.

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