The Basics of App Store Optimization


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App Store Optimization(ASO) is really just another branch of internet marketing. It’s important for an ASO marketer to remember that the number one way mobile app consumers locate the apps they want is through search engines.

The right search engine for ASO depends on what device or devices the app marketing professional has designed the app for. The most used search engines for app marketing are the Apple App Store and the Google Play Marketplace. The Windows Phone marketplace is popular among Windows Phone users and app marketing professionals specializing in this device group. Other search engines for different devices include BlackBerry World, Nokia Store and the Samsung Apps store.

Professionals experienced in app marketing know most potential customers will not search beyond the first 50 search results for what they’re looking for. App Store Optimization techniques must be applied to lead customers to their product. So, the point of ASO marketing is to get more traffic directly to a marketer’s apps page at an app store, and then convert that to a download or sale.


The Main Factors of App Store Optimization

The App Store and Google Play both have more than 700,000 apps available already. It can be quite a challenge for those in app marketing to get their apps to stand out. It takes a lot of attention to detail, research and following through on that research.

Description Page
The title of an ASO marketer’s description on the description page for an app needs to contain the keywords that rank highest in search engine results. It’s a good idea to research what their competitors are writing to describe their products in order to gain a general idea of what customers are used to reading regarding that particular kind of app. Then app marketing professionals can tailor their descriptions to fit the mold but also stand out. Keeping the title of a description the same once decided upon is an important app marketing technique. Information about an app is many times spread by word of mouth. If a description title is changed, a potential customer might not be able to find the app their looking for after typing in the description they were told about.

The App Name
For successful app marketing, a description of the app’s function should be in the name as well. It also helps if it contains one or more of the most important keyword phrases that shows up on search engines related to the kind of app. Also, if an ASO marketer is part of an established organization or even corporation, it helps to add that as part of the app name. Established companies and organizations add credibility to the potential usefulness of an app.


App Marketing Tools

The concept of ASO marketing is actually a very new one. App Store Optimization didn’t exist until Apple’s iTunes App Store was established in July of 2008. After that came the release of the iPhone3G. These two events set in motion the demand for new, state of the art apps that had never been seen before. Other smartphone companies wanted their piece of the pie, igniting the app development passion that followed. By the time Google’s app store, Google Play was launched the same year in September, app developers were desperate for a way to market their products. Optimization techniques and skills needed for app marketing are still being learned by developers. There are a few reputable online companies that help with app marketing:

MobileDevHQ is a very new company that first presented its ASO marketing tools kit in early 2013. Before then it was known as AppStoreHQ in an effort to gain the attention of marketers and the services it stood to offer them. However, it turned out to be more valuable in helping prospective marketers better understand the new discipline that was just starting to evolve, and what it took to be successful at app marketing. This included the knowledge of what they were doing to choose the correct keywords and app title descriptions. They could learn how to keep an eye on competition and monitor customer reviews and rankings in online app stores.

MobileDevHQ has built upon what it started with and provides even more app marketing support today through its user-friendly platform. It gives ASO marketers that sign up with them the tools to keep track of numerous apps for both the iOS and the Google Play Marketplace. It also offers an advanced keyword researching tool and allows access to up to three months of download, sales and conversion data for mobile apps in the iOS and the Google Play Marketplace.

Some will find to be a very valuable resource for initiating and keeping track of their App Store Optimization projects. There are a vast array of resources available on this platform for tracking App Store Optimization. These include download frequency, statistics on particular apps and their niches, and feedback from customers. This enables ASO marketers to evaluate what features of an app or niche are the most desirable and plan for any future marketing projects they might undertake.

Apptentive gives them the ability to track the satisfaction of their customers before asking for a review. Remember, a review is posted for all to see and can make or break an app. If a customer is satisfied, an app marketer can gauge what features the customer finds most pleasing and direct them to particular apps or seize the opportunity to make improvements on apps currently in development. This would, of course be a great opportunity to ask for a review of the product the customer is pleased with. If the customer is dissatisfied, a professional can take the time to converse with the customer and find out what didn’t go smooth. Note that this is all possible directly on the app in what could be called a ‘dialog box’.

As these examples suggest, there are sure to be more ASO tools developed over time. It’s all about giving marketers the time to understand the ins and outs of a new branch of internet marketing that is still in its infancy, App Store Optimization.

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