The Benefits of App Reskinning

In order to discuss the benefits of app reskinning, we first have to clarify what it is. Generally speaking, when an app’s graphics are modified, but the coding used to create the app is left the same. So, what you are actually doing is just changing the appearance of the app, tweaking its sound effects, and making any other desirable changes, but generally leaving it the same. It’s almost like changing the ‘clothes’ on an app, or changing its ‘skin’. So, why would an individual or company want to try reskinning apps?


App Reskinning means Profits

It’s not hard to understand that a company or individual app developer stands to make much more money if they can modify an app in such a way as to make it appear to be a different app altogether. If you own an iPhone or other smart phone, and have played games at all, you might have noticed that many games seem to have the general theme, but with different graphics and sound effects (a mobile app reskin at its best). This software might have come with the phone itself, or you might have bought it at an online app store and downloaded it to your phone. The point is, you bought it. If the app came with your phone, it generally increased the value of the phone and added to the cost at checkout time.

flappy bird app
Flappy Bird original app


Although this can seem like cheating or ripping people off, there are times when reskinning an app can actually produce apps better than the original. Unless you are knowledgeable about the nature of coding and the software development industry, it becomes nothing more than another brand of product similar to the one you are used to. In fact, you might find it easier and more enjoyable to use than the former.

In order to use these techniques, you have to have access to the game source codes. These codes are sets of textual computer instructions or coding that can be assembled and/or compiled in order to create a functional computer program. Most apps are sent out in a form that includes executable files, but not source codes. In order to get access to the app codes, developers often pay about $1,000 or more. Keep in mind, though, that if an app was to be created from scratch, a developer would spend up to ten times that much. Then consider the profits made that could be in the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, and you’ll see that it’s a worthy investment.

Several app reskins of a Flappy Bird cloneFlappy Bird clones


App Reskinning means saving time

Another benefit of app reskinning is the amount of time that can be saved. If you want to create an app from scratch, a lot of brainstorming and planning have to be done before a general concept for the app is created. Then, there is the development that can often take months before a satisfactory product is produced. In this computer age we live in, things move very fast. An app that is produced over many months might be obsolete by the time the developer gets a chance to release it into the market. This would mean going back to the drawing board.
By reskinning an app, a final product can be created in a matter of months and be ready for the marketplace. Also remember that source codes for one mobile app can be used to create a multiple number of different apps. App reskinning is even easier for those that have created their own apps in the past. They already have access to the code and don’t need to pay for its reuse. Multiple versions of the same app can be produced quickly, producing nothing but profit after the initial investments of time and money.

candy crush saga with no app reskinning
Candy Crush Saga original

Another app reskin of a candy crush saga clone
Candy Crush Saga clone app reskin


Finding & Purchasing  Game Codes for app reskinning

They are relatively easy to purchase. There are many websites and marketplaces available that sell them for the purpose of app flipping and are priced depending on the demand and the quality of the app itself. You can purchase easy to reskin and quality codes on Yohann Taieb app reskinning expert’s online video tutorials come with the majority of these app source codes. This makes the process of publishing an app much faster and gives confidence, motivates the buyer to start his own app flipping business and start adding monthly streaming revenues through downloads. There are also game codes vendors who work independently that regularly visit chat rooms and social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Often times, bartering is an option when purchasing them from independent merchants.

Among the types source codes available are those that give the buyers full rights to it. This means that they are fully workable for app reskins or can be sold to other developers for the sake of re-skinning apps. Then, there are those that offer only partial rights to them, meaning that skilled app producers can use the coding to make developing their own apps easier because they have the basic coding to build upon.

It’s very important to read the license agreement carefully before purchasing any game codes. If this kind of business isn’t handled in the right way, legal troubles can ensue. It works much like owning the royalties to music: If you sample a part of a musical composition, or all of it, and haven’t paid the necessary fees to use it, you can be sure to be sued sooner or later for this improper practice.


Marketing Strategies of app reskinning

In order to be successful at an app re-skinning marketing strategy, it’s important not to choose apps that are in niches that won’t last for very long. The best investments are in what is called an ‘evergreen’ market. This means that the app will be in a niche that is needed today by consumers and will be needed by the same niche of consumers for the foreseeable future.

This is a fairly new concept. It all started in July of 2008 when Apple’s Itunes App Store was launched. This also coincided with the release of the iPhone 3G. Then the creation of Google’s app store, Google Play occurred in September of the same year. The explosion in app development opportunities was tremendous. Since so many apps were being produced at such a high rate, it became harder for app developers to get consumers to locate their own particular apps, since so many varieties of the same kind of app were available. This led to the creation of the App Store Optimization(ASO) marketing system. It’s very similar to Search Engine Optimization(SEO) marketing. Descriptions of the app are provided to search engines targeting particular niches demanding certain apps, leading them to the desired app downloading destination.

That being said, it should be remembered that most apps can be downloaded for free. So how do app developers make most of their money? By advertising. They might advertise an entirely different app that contains different coding altogether and is much more advanced, or they might have used the app codes they purchased to produce a somewhat incomplete version of it, and then advertise the complete version for sale. How many times have you played a demo of a game and were offered the complete version for a price? With a little use of the imagination, it’s not hard to see how app reskinning through purchasing codes can be very profitable.

Here are some graphic/icon packs that will get you started in your apps adventures.

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