Starting mid-2018 Apple will allow developers to convert their iPhone apps into macOS apps.

Prior to 2018, developers had to create a different source code for each Mac apps and iOS apps even if the app has the same functionality.

In essence the code is very similar but apps cannot work straight out of the box. Developers have to go through a long rewriting process.

Apple want to change that. It seems Apple is about to go full force on revamping the MAC app store.


We barely use the Mac App Store even though we do use the Mac computers on a daily basis. It’s obvious there’s definitely room to improve the MAC app store. The iOS app store is lightyears ahead of the MAC app store.

We expect Apple to go full force on promoting new apps in the MAC App Store.

Now is a good time to start planning how you’ll create your app presence in the Mac App Store

The future is bright for the Mac App Store. Let’s be part of it.

Here are a few things you can already do to get yourself prepared:

Look at apps and games that are in the top 200 in each categories of the US iOS App Store(ie games, apps, photos, productivity, etc…) and then look at which apps will do great as a desktop app.

Narrow them down and then focus on the ones you could reuse the same technology, the same code behind so that you can kill increase your development speed (think about photo apps, or social network apps)

If you are a developer and you already own or have published apps in the iOS App Store then take a look at your apps first obviously :)

Find out which one would be great as a desktop app.

The next step would be to start thinking about what needs to be modified to transform the iPhone user interface and take advantage of bigger screen area offered by desktop monitors (and laptops which at at least 13 inches compared to 4.7 inches average iPhone screen size)

Usually desktop apps sell for a higher price point than mobile apps

I remember the days when people would buy computer software for a $50 price tag which was in the 90s, which now would correspond to probably at least $70-$80.

Developers messed up with the mobile phone industry because we started a race to the bottom on the app price and ended up undercutting the entire industry. People are still leaving bad reviews because the app is too expensive at a price tag of a dollar or 2…

Even though lately it seems that things are changing for the best and developers are starting to increase their pricing, especially thanks to the subscription model where users pay a few dollars on the monthly basis which ends up to make apps more expensive overall scenes if you do your calculations you see dad and app that has a subscription model or for two dollars a month ending up to be $24 yearly. and we all know that mobile users would be outraged if you had to pay $24 right off the bat for an app, right?

So if you are a developer and you’re reading this, make sure we don’t screw this all for ourselves this time with the Mac App Store.

Let’s make sure we can make a decent living making apps because I know of many independent developer that had to drop the mobile app industry and do something else because we all have bills to pay.

We can’t wait to start converting our iPhone apps to Mac OS apps.

If you would like to discuss with us or need assistance getting you to the Mac App Store then please contact us at

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