Disclaimer: The following is my personal views as an independent software developer and entrepreneur. My views are my own, taken from my personal experience which you might not agree with since we certainly have not walked the same path. 


Magic Leap (ML) Creator edition is finally out and developers need to drop $2K+ to get their hands on it. I’ve been following ML for many years now and i really (REALLY) wanted to get into the XR industry (AR/VR/MR)

But $2K is a hefty price to pay in my opinion and here are the reasons why i think so:

The product page leitmotif  is all about entertainment and gaming.

I have yet to see a practical use case for a productivity app. In other words, i couldn’t find any information on how this device is going to improve my productivity in any way. Okay, it might be too soon to judge and developers will probably come up with productive use cases, but as of today, the product page is all about “having fun”.

I’m sorry, but I find it hard to justify spending $2K+ just to potentially “have fun”, there are plenty of established alternatives, and i find it even harder to believe the end users (ie consumers) might be able to spend $2K. Even if the next-gen device costs $1K it is still pricey especially when you’ve got competition running for less than $500 (HTC Vive, PlayStation VR among others). Okay, i agree it might not be fair to compare ML Creator One to these devices but i will keep this comparison until proven otherwise.


The product page message is the wrong one for the targeted audience.

The ML team has made it clear this product release is made for an audience of developers. Developers can get to try out the device and start making apps and games. The problem is that the product page is meant to target gamers, not developers. Here me out: Here is what’s wrong with the ML product page’s message:

(Quotes taken straight from the product page available at:  https://www.magicleap.com/magic-leap-one )


“not being wired to a desktop means you can dodge the jellyfish after you’ve made your kitchen into a coral reef”

- Really?! Personally, as a developer, the last thing i want to do in my kitchen and walk with a VR device and hang out there. I just want to grab my food or coffee and go back to coding. Plus, it’s cool to look at a fake coral reef for no more than 5 minutes, then i’m over it. I mean, don’t you guys remember the old windows screen saver that was a fish aquarium? It was cool to look at it for a few minutes then we all have better things to do than starring at it, right?!


“Use your Control as a paint brush, a conductor’s baton or a weaponized ice cream cone that launches Rocky Road at 14 scoops per second”

$2K for a paint brush?! NO WAY JOSE, i’d rather buy a real set.

$2K to launch fake ice cream scoops? Not funny at all.



Let’s Talk Business:

Also, as a developer, i want to know that if i spend $X dollars on a device, there is a possibility of making $Y dollars profit, or at least have a possibility to monetize my creations. At no point anyone is mentioning how the app store will work (if any) and what would be the revenue-share model. Okay, it might be too early for having this talk, but it’s important cause developers already have a lot of options with the Apple app store, Google Play store, Amazon store, XBOX, Alexa, etc…


How about ML stores?

As a developer, one way to convince me is to make me seat down and try the product and even code something useful using the device. I believe the ML team can captivate developers’ attention by creating free workshops all around the USA.


 It’s not all bad:

The main “useful thing” from the ML device for a developer might be this: The fact that you can use multiple screens might help us develop software but sincerely, i doubt it until i try it.

The ML team needs to let us know if we can hook a PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) to the ML device and see the screens in the augmented world.

If i were to spend $2K on a new computer (ie ML Creator), i might as well have the luxury to install Windows or Linux on it and hook a physical screen to it.




I really (i mean REALLY) wanted to get into the ML world, but somehow there are obstacles that are preventing me to do so, eventhough i’m one of these person that embrace new technologies with open arms. I’m keeping an eye on the next moves from the ML team and hope something will entice me to change my mind. Thanks for reading



ps: I apologize for any grammatical error, or styling issues as English is not my native tongue plus i spend my time writing code, not writing English sentences. Thanks for your understanding. Hope you got something out of this, and if you feel like adding your 2 cents or trolling, feel free to do so in the comments below, i can take a beating. And if you come from HN, be a good sport and upvote, thanks

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