Words Versus Words Solo - Full Game for Reskin

Words Versus Words App Source Code overview

Based on the world’s favorite crosswords puzzle games like Scrabble (Hasbro) and Words with Friends (Zynga).

Your game portfolio needs a word-building puzzle game everyone knows and love!

Full iPhone game made for quick and easy reskin. Comes with 9 characters with different Artificial Intelligence giving them their own behavior. The app source code for the game has been designed with purpose to make money, and contains multiple AD channels, and in-app purchases.

App code details:
The game is easy to play and is meant for audience of all ages or genders. Everyone knows the mechanics of a crossword puzzle already.
The game is meant to be played solo and is fast paced. No need to wait for another player to finish their turn. The computer artificial intelligence is blazing fast and can generate thousands of valid words under 6 seconds. Each computer opponents have different difficulty levels, and different word used. 
For example, Einstein uses scientific words, whereas Count Dracula the Vampire uses “Dark” words! 
You can add your own list of words for each characters.

The game mechanics have been tweaked so that the game gets progressively harder, enticing the player to keep playing. Some characters are only playable y buying them through a seamless in-app purchase system. Any programmer can easily add more characters with different artificial intelligences and price.

User Review Dialog: Driving user reviews and ratings can dramatically affect your game visibility. The second time the player launches the game, a dialog pops up asking for a user review. The user can either accept or decline it. If the user declines it, the dialog will reappear every 15 levels until the player finally clicks on it, and is brought to the iTunes store to write a review, then no more review dialog will appear because it is not necessary to do so anymore. 

Revenue from 3 Advertising Channels:
iAD: The game uses the permanent iAD banner (from Apple)
Chartboost: The game displays a chartboost interstitial advertising screen appearing when the game starts and also when the player wins or looses.
Revmob: The game displays a custom Revmob interstitial advertising screen every 3 wins. The custom Revmob ad used the characters from the game, making it the best way to maximize eCPM.

Full source code built to generate profit in mind while being simple to reskin.
• Works on all iPhones (retina, non retina)
• iOS 7 ready & tested
• 9 computer characters already included
• Easy to change the game graphics and sounds (image files included)
• Possibiity to add many more characters.
• Tracks number of wins against each computer characters
• Number of turns can be modified. (currently 5 turns each)
• In-App Purchases to buy characters
• iAd advertising banner displaying permanently.
• Chartboost advertising interstitial screen
• Revmob advertising interstitial screen + customized interstitial screen
• Automatically asks users to review the game
• Ultra fast algorithm that generates thousands of valid words under 6 seconds
• Step by step documentation for all features
• Interface menus and buttons photoshop .PSD file included
• Screenshot templates photoshop .PSD files included
• It is recommended to change the interface look and feel, but it’s optional!

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Word vs word solo source code Single License
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Word vs Word solo source code Unlimited License
Word vs Word solo source code Unlimited License