Match 3 Puzzles Source Code + BONUS 5-star online video course (Candy Crush-like mechanics)

Match 3 Puzzles App Source Code overview:

iPhone App Source Code For Sale!


Finally an app source code created with simple reskinning in mind!
All images and sounds are well organized within an assets folder!
The game is super easy to pickup and play.
You match three or more jewels horizontally or vertically to clear them, just like Candy Crush.
The game is made of 8 levels (look at the map screen).
The objective of the game is to go through each levels (represented as a home in a village) and achieve the requirements to win an item(candies or anything you’d like). The game also comes with a win/loose screen, and a FINAL WIN screen!

App code details:
For monetization, we have integrated 3 major advertising networks:
- iAD
- Chartboost
- Revmob

iAD is displayed at all times while the user is playing. Revmob and Chartboost open when each level start and finish!

There are countless popular themes you can chose from like candies, jewels, bubbles, pets, zombies, christmas, halloween, and so much more!

Your imagination is the limit. Start reskinning apps and flipping them now!

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