The Four Source Code clone

The AppsFresh Team strikes again with its latest amazing The Four source code clone for iOS. Here's a source code enabling you to create a very interesting puzzle/action game while at the same time create an awesome educational app for kids (or not!).
The Four source code clone is basically a fun and challenging way to test and improve your fast math skills with the four basic arithmetical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).
This is an evergreen app, meaning it's always trendy and there's always going to be people downloading it since it is an educational app.

App reskinning wise, there are also infinite ways to make that game really appealing and come up with fantastic themes ideas. The Four source code clone has been built with easy reskinning in mind so you have the minimum amount of graphics to update and publish your game to the App Store faster.

Take a look at The Four source code gameplay

You may notify via our contact page if you find a bug in the code and we will be prompt to resolve the  issue.

Find below the features that come with our Make Them Stack source code:

  • Chartboost interstitial ad, revmob interstitial ad, admob ad banner.
  • Rate button to add a virality factor
  • The Four game app Template full customizable
  • Game made with cocos2d (can be deployed to Android using Apportable, we do not provide support for this).
  • High Score/Best Score
  • The Four source code works on iPhones and iPads (Ready OS 8, retina and non retina)
  • Leaderboard trough Game Center

AppsFresh also provides custom app reskinning services and custom programming. If you would like to add an extra featur eor functionality in your source code, let us know!

(The Four Source Code clone proudly made in the U.S.A)

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The Four Source Code iOS app template
License: Individual License (one time use)
The Four Source Code iOS game Individual License (game made with cocos2d)
The Four Source Code iOS app template
License: Unlimited License
The Four Source Code iOS game Unlimited License (game made with cocos2d)