How to Build your Own Apple Watch Casino App

Learn the fundamentals of Apple Watchkit and learn how to create a real Casino Slot Machine Apple Watch app. You will learn how to design the user interface, and write the code logic that makes the application interact with the player.

This course is all about diving in and getting your hands dirty from the very top.

Through out this course, you will be guided on a step by step journey and be transformed from a total beginner to a confident Apple Watch app developer who has all the right tools to begin coding your own Apple watch apps, whether it is for personal or professional use.

You do not need any coding experience to take this course. Now, if you already have some experience with iOS, then this course will be a great way to transition to the Apple Watch kit.

Apple Watch Learning objectives

  • Build a useful Apple Watch app from scratch, a casino sloth machine app, while learning the standard watchkit elements and programming patterns
  • Ability to design an Apple Watch user interface
  • Ability to connect the User Interface to the code
  • Ability to create simple and advanced code logic
  • Ability to use the Apple Watch simulator
  • Ability to animate an Apple Watch app
  • Knowledge and usage of the watchkit framework
  • Usage of the Objective-c language
  • Usage of XCode Interface Development Environment

Difficulty Level



Product Description Price Add to Cart
Watchkit Apple Watch Design Program a Slot Machine App
License: Unlimited License
Create your very first Apple Watch Casino App Slot Machine with this hands on step-by-step guide