Candy Match Blitz - Full Game Source Code

Candy Match Blitz App Source Code overview:

iOS Full App Source Code For Sale!
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The game app code was created from scratch with purpose of being easy to reskin while having multiple sources of revenues.
The game is super easy to pickup which makes it suitable for any age range. (The player matches 3 candies vertically or horizontally in under 3 minutes to obtain the highest score.)

Solo or Multiplayer Mode
The game can be played solo or in multiplayer mode, up to 4 players simultaneously. We added many ways to keep the user playing and coming back to the game. The game center leaderboard challenges the player to compare his or her score to other players worldwide, engaging users to play longer in order to get a higher score.
Longer playing time yields higher advertising revenues. We also provide achievements so that the user keeps playing again and again in order to reach each achievements.
The multiplayer mode is also a great way to keep the user engaged and challenged by competing live with other players worldwide. The player can also invite his or her Facebook friends to play with them! It has a great viral value and result in cascading downloads.

For monetization, we have integrated 4 major ad networks; iAD, Chartboost, Revmob and Applovin. The iAD banner is displayed at all times on the top of the game level.
The chartboost interstitial advertising screen appears twice per game played, when the game starts and when the game ends.
The Applovin interstitial advertising screen appears at the end of each game, once the player closes the chartboost ad.
The game also provides a “more games” button, using Revmob. Each game download that way generate revenues.

The game also comes with an in-app purchase where the player can remove all the ads for $1.99 (you can set any price you’d like)
There are so many popular themes and you can chose from, your imagination is the limit! This app source code is just waiting for a good app reskin!

Here are some examples: Jewels, Christmas gifts, Easter Eggs, Bubbles, jelly, pets, cats, trolls, dolls and so much more! You have NO excuses.

Get to work and make some amazing games!

App Reskin Example
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Candy Match Blitz

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