Temple Invasion - Classic Shoot them Up Arcade

Temple Invasion App Source Code overview:

Super hot universal app source code
(universal: iPhone and iPad), created with simple app reskinning in mind. The gameplay is based on the mega popular space invaders game play BUT with some extra cool effects to make a really popular game. You can even challenge your Facebook friends or play in multiplayer tournaments with other users from around the globe with the awesome multiplayer platform ‘Nextpeer’ By far the best multiplayer out.
For monetization, we have integrated the major ad networks;
Chartboost & Revmob, Ads are displayed on boot up and end game.
A chartboost more games screen is also displayed on the main menu.
IAPs are set for ‘Unlock All Levels’ and has been very popular.
There are countless popular themes you can chose from to re make this game as totally unique to you.

App code details:
  • 2 Codes. ( iPhone & iPad )
  • Nextpeer Multiplayer
  • Chartboost & Revmob
  • iOS7 Compatible
  • 27 Levels ( IAP To Unlock All )
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Easy Re-Skin
  • Support If needed

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