Timberman Source Code Clone Full Reskin

The Timberman game has become one of the biggest hit in the App Store due to its new mechanics and fun factor. Timberman is a fun and addictive game in which you impersonate a Timberman and need to chop wood while watching your head and avoid the branches!
In this clone version of the game called "Old Fat Dinos" (game made with cocos2d), we offer you a variant of the original Timberman Source Code Clone we have on AppsFresh (LumberJack Joe). This fully reskinned Timberman Source Code comes fully reskinned with new graphics, which gives you the opportunity to have a different game theme right off the bat. Bite and cut that lumber down fast!

No need to look around for a better deal, Yohann always got you covered with an unbeatable price, a top-notch quality Timberman source code clone for iOS and support with no match on any other platform.

View the original AppsFresh's Timberman Source Clode Clone "Lumberjack Joe" gameplay video and replicate the same for the "Old Fat Dinos" source code clone.

Why buy Timberman source code full reskin on AppsFresh?

The AppsFresh Team has enhanced the Timberman app source code clone by adding the amazing following functionalities!

  • Works on all iPhones and all iPads (retina and non retina)
  • Game made with cocos2d
  • Has Chartboost interstitial ad, revmob interstitial ad, and admob ad banner.
  • RATE this app functionality to go viral!
  • Has in-app purchase for 2 extra characters (with restore functionality)
  • Made for reskinning, use the least amount of images possible
  • High Quality Theme
  • Royalty free background music and sound effects included
  • Unique characters (Old T-Rex, Old Stego, Old Bronto)
  • smoke effect on death, and graveyard (RIP) included.

For those who participated in the AppsFresh App Reskinning Tournament, you should really be familiar with the files and images structures to reskin this Timberman game source code clone!

Contact us for game characters reskins, backgrounds, assets about the Timberman source code clone Old Fat Dinos!

This Old Fat Dinos game is a clone of the mechanics, not a clone of the graphics (you can re-use the graphics).

Difficulty Level



Product Description Price Add to Cart
Timberman Source Code Clone Full Reskin
License: Individual License (one time use)
Timberman Source Code Full Reskin - Old Fat Dinos Individual License (game made with cocos2d)
Timberman Source Code Full Reskin - Old Fat Dinos
License: Unlimited License
Timberman Source Code Full Reskin - Old Fat Dinos Unlimited License (game made with cocos2d)

Timberman Old Fat Dinos Full Custom Reskin (Source code Non included) WITH SOUNDS
License: Individual License (one time use)

Extra Add-on Sounds effects
(Source Code NON Included):

Requires purchase of individual or unlimited license of the Timberman Old Fat Dinos source code (game made with cocos2d).

Timberman Old Fat Dinos Source code full custom reskin + Sounds effects:

- Menu (instructions as well with tap left/tap right)
- Ground
- Background
- RIP tombstone
- Tree
- Character (2 animations: Hit and Chop)
- Smoke Effect