Dungeon Starter Pack for Unity

This pack is all you need to create beautiful dungeons in Unity.
The pack included 44 items to create unique dungeons of all sizes.
Items are:
- Tiles of different colors
- rats
- skeleton
- blocks
- carpets
- fences
- floors
- metal grids
- fences
- sigils (banners)
- torches
- traps
- stairs
- spider webs
- wood pieces
The style used is Voxel Art (3d pixel art).
Bonus: Buy this pack and get the online course that teaches you how to use the content to generate unlimited amounts of castles, dungeons and houses in just one click.

Difficulty Level



Product Description Price Add to Cart
Full pack with Bonus course
License: Individual License (one time use)
full pack with bonus course
Full pack with bonus course
License: Unlimited License
Full pack with bonus course