Unity modular Village - Free edition

Get a huge set of modular pieces to make any size village for your games like Minecraft, or World of Warcraft style. (Fantasy / Medieval)
Modular Village kit for Unity games. The style is 3d pixel art (voxel).

The Free edition comes with a sample taken from this list (PRO Edition):

- 6 Modular Wall texture sets (new plaster, old Plaster, Light Stone, Dark Stone, Horizontal Wood planks, Vertical Wood planks)
- 30 Modular Roof styles (14 Wooden roof styles, 8 Slate roof styles, 8 Thatch roof style)
- Cross shaped building beams ( 1 wood T shape, 1 wood L shape, 1 plaster T shape, 1 plaster L shape)
- 3 Windows ( wood square window, wood round window, round square window)
- 5 modular Bridges: (3 wood, 2 stone)
- Modular house walkways (wood floor plinths, old plaster)
- 3 house stairways (wood, old plaster)
- Modular Balconies (1 wood, 1 old plaster)
- 10 Modular Fence sets (Broken, Fixed, Gates)
- Old roadways (rocks, mud)
- Outdoor flooring (2 grass, slabs, stone pathway, wood pathway)

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free edition Unity package
License: Unlimited License
Get the Unity package, Free edition, compatible with Unity 5+.