Unity Voxel Weapon Pack

Here is a graphic pack of medieval fantastic weapon assets in .FBX format, ready to use in any Unity game engine version.
Just drag and drop dozens of weapons and use them right away. (see images above)
The art style used is voxel art (3d pixel art) to give is a cute retro style and which is also very easy for anyone to modify without having to be an artist.
The PRO pack included the following:
- 4 maces
- 4 swords
- 1 crossbow with 1 arrow
- 2 axes
- 1 magic staff
- 1 magic axe
- 1 wooden shield with metallic frame
- 1 spear

The standard pack is a subset of the pro pack.

Difficulty Level



Product Description Price Add to Cart
PRO version
License: Unlimited License
This is the PRO version. It contains all the weapons and the character
Free version (light)
License: Individual License (one time use)
The free version comes with a selection of weapons from the PRO version.