Massive Graphic Packs for Planet Flappy Bird

Here is a huge graphic pack for the Planet Flappy Bird app source code.

How to use the Planet Flappy Bird source code graphic pack

Images are ready to drop in the Planet Flappy Bird source code, just overwrite the images in the code folder names “resources” with the images of your choice, do a rebuild (product->clean, then product->build), and voila! You’ve got yourself a new game ready to publish in the iTunes App Store, and make money quickly.
It includes 15 original main characters (with animation), 15 unique enemies (animated frames), 24 unique background images, 7 sets of static items (such as trees, clouds, houses, hills, mountains, and buildings), new particle effect images, 10 unique planets, and a whole menu set! This pack is gigantic! You can mix up this images and publish dozens and dozens of original games with them, add some good game title, description, a nice icon, pro screenshots and App Store Optimization keywords: you’re set. At this price, it’s a no-brainer! Enjoy my friend.

Image details: 15 animated characters: 
- dog
- army guy
- rabbit
- blond man
- red hair girl
- penguin
- monkey
- frog
- man on motorcycle
- flying superhero with cape
- bird
- knight
- frog
- ninja
- kangaroo

15 animated enemies:
- zombie
- death man
- robot
- alien
- huge angry dog
- alien predator squid
- crocodile
- monster truck
- angry dog (light brown skin)
- kicking ninja
- tiger
- angry bear
- dragon
- witch
- shark

With this graphic pack, making games has never been so easy and so rewarding. Take the opportunity that’s right in front of you.

Product Description Price Add to Cart
Graphic pack (single use)
License: Individual License (one time use)
Use any of the assets, one time only.
Unlimited use for unlimited amount of projects
License: Unlimited License
Unlimited use of all the graphics pack images for as many products (games or websites) as you want to use