Dino Character Pack, ready drop in Jumpy Skating source code

This extremely fun dino comes with his rollerblades and with a set of 5 upgrade items:
A saddle, a dino sunglasses, a propeller hat, speed rollerblades and dino boots!

Each individual item is customizable, feel free to change the color of the dino character, his skin color, his sunglasses and all his items as you please.
Your imagination is the limit!

Each item is a separate layer in the file to make it EASY for you to customize your Jumpy Skating source code.

You will find both iPad and iPhone sizes inside this file. What you will need to do next is simply drag and drop the 2 folders in the Jumpy Skating app source code resource folder.

You can find the Jumpy Skating source code for sale here. Also, a reminder that the Jumpy Skating app source code comes with our 5-star app reskinning expert Yohann Taieb's online video course tutorial.

He will explain to you how to entirely set up your Jumpy Skating app code reskin and get your game published on the App Store. You cannot miss anything by watching the video course.

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Dino ready Graphic Character Pack
Dino content character pack for Jumpy Skating source code.