Bouncy Ninja Source Code

Bouncy Ninja source code clone for iOS is here (game made with cocos2d)!
The Bouncy Ninja game has ranked #10 on the iTunes App Store not so long ago.
As you probably noticed, the Don't Touch the Spike game which currently ranks among the top games has actually been a clone of Bouncy Ninja.
A great clone reskin can definitely perform well and better than the original!

Why buy Bouncy Ninja source code on AppsFresh?

The source codes provided by Yohann are top-notch quality with an unbeatable price, a top-notch quality. Found a little bug somewhere in the code? It's really no problem! Yohann gives excellent customer service and support when it comes to its own source codes and will not rest until the issue is fixed. Ask around!

Meet our Bouncy Ninja clone game template called "Quick Shadow Ninja" which comes with more features than the original! This is not just a clone, but an improved version of the original as well! All assets are re-usable.

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Watch Our Quick Shadow Ninja source code gameplay

What will you find among the Bouncy Ninja Source Code clone?

You may check out the videos below( which were made for the Don't Touch the Spikes source code) which will show you the following:
It contains these amazing following functionalities that no other source code platform has!

  • Has Chartboost interstitial ad, revmob interstitial ad, and admob ad banner.
  • Smoke effect animation on death
  • Original characters open source, assets free to re-use
  • Royalty-free sounds and character
  • Rate game button for virality
  • Works on all iPhones and all iPads (retina and non retina)
  • Leaderboard trough Game Center
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter
  • 2 character in-app purchases feature
  • FREE PSD file included to easily create your app icon
  • Game made with cocos2d
  • Dynamic background colors
  • EXTRA mechanic Throw the Shuriken (ninja star)
  • Made for reskinning, use the least amount of images possible
  • Best Score
  • Bouncy Ninja iOS game template fully customizable

For those who participated in the AppsFresh App Reskinning Tournament, you should really be familiar with the files and images structures to reskin this Bouncy Ninja source code clone for iOS!

Contact us for game characters reskins, backgrounds, assets about the Bouncy Ninja source code clone for iOS!

Reskinning ideas to use instead of the ninja stars: knife, machette,  fangs, vampirefangs, spikes, blades, swords, chainsaw

(Bouncy Ninja Source Code clone proudly made in the U.S.A)

Difficulty Level



Product Description Price Add to Cart
Bouncy Ninja Source Code Individual License
License: Individual License (one time use)
Bouncy Ninja Source Code iOS clone Individual License (game made with cocos2d)
Free: Includes FREE PSD assets to create your game icon

Bouncy Ninja Source Code Unlimited License
License: Unlimited License
Bouncy Ninja Source Code iOS clone Unlimited License (game made with cocos2d)
Free: Includes FREE PSD assets to create your game icon

Bouncy Ninja Full Custom Reskin (Source code Non included)
License: Individual License (one time use)

Extra Add-on
(Source Code NON Included):

Requires purchase of individual or unlimited license of the bouncy ninja source code clone (game made with cocos2d).