Make Them Fight Source Code Clone

The "Make Them Fight" game is a top iOS game in the iTunes App Store. AppsFresh releases its own version of the game with the Make Them Fight Ultimate source code which lets you control 2 characters, one throwing a ninja star and the other trying to parry it.
We decided to change and tweak the mechanics from the original Make Them Fight game to offer users a different gameplay and another way to challenge their skills!
This Ultimate version adds an extra layer of extreme difficulty to the game. By pressing the "Ultimate" button, you will now be faced with 10 layers of fighting characters. That should leave you insane and challenged for quite a while!

Check out the Make Them Fight Ultimate gameplay

Why buy the Make Them Fight Source Code clone on AppsFresh?

The "Make Them Fight" game has had a lot of good reviews on the App Store and have given the series of "Make them Jump/Fall" a fun twist that we do not want to miss. This game might make it to the iTunes App Store top chart and we want to be ready for it and start reskinning it.

This Make Them Fight Ultimate source code version comes an additional 10 layers of fighters which adds more difficulty and fun to the game and differentiate it from the original.

Furthermore, the Make Them Fight Ultimate source code comes with these features:
  • 4 modes (normal, nightmare, hell, inferno and Ultimate)
  • Best Score for each play modes (Hell, Nightmare, Inferno...)
  • Revmob interstitial ad, Chartboost interstitial ad, and Admob banner ad.
  • FREE to re-use the fighters in the game.
  • Game App Template full customizable
  • keeping App Reskinning in mind, so we're developing the source code with a minimum images/assets/animations to change to speed up the App Store publication process.
  • A Rate button to increase virality of your game
  • Source Code works on iPhones and iPads (retina and non retina)
  • Leaderboard trough Game Center (setup a leaderboard for each mode!)
  • Share feature on Facebook and Twitter
  • Game made with cocos2d

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Make Them Fight Source Code clone iOS
License: Individual License (one time use)
Make Them Fight Source Code Individual License (game made with cocos2d)

Make Them Fight Source Code clone iOS game template
License: Unlimited License
Make Them Fight Source Code Unlimited License (game made with cocos2d)