No One Dies Today app source code clone for iOS

No One Dies Today game has just reached top number 3 spot on the U.S iTunes App Store!
This is an intense and fun game in which you control a running man that you need to help jump over objects.
Your brain neurons and swiftness are put to the test!

Hot off the press, get it while it's hot!
The AppsFresh Team has worked all weekend to make sure you would get the "No One Dies Today" app source code clone (game made with cocos2d) first hand. We voluntarily kept "Normal" and "Hard" mode ONLY, and left out the "hellish" and "inferno" mode from the original game as we felt that the game was way too hard to be fun to enjoy above 3 runners layers.

The source code runs for iPhone and iPads.
Mobile ad networks:

  • PlayHaven
  • Chartboost

Why get the "No One Dies Today" source code now?

Time: You're getting a first-mover's advantage to get your game published in the App Store before the competition does.
Opportunity: You're getting to ride the wave as it is unfolding before your eyes in the App Store

What about reskinning that game?

Ha! The game is very easy to reskin and requires no programming knowlege at all (no coding). You can apply any theme and can reskin the background, the character and the objects as you please. The source code is made with cocos2d.
Your imagination is the limit!

Characters Reskins Ideas

  • Rogue, assassin, witch, soldier, ninja, superhero, celebrities
  • Panda, penguin, birds with legs, chicken

Follow the videos below in order. Yohann is explaining everything you need to know on the gameplay, the instructions and the leaderboards!

Use common sense and do not make a blatant copy/reskin of the original.

Difficulty Level



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No One Dies Today Source Code app template Clone
License: Individual License (one time use)
No One Dies Today Source Code app template Individual License (game made with cocos2d)

No One Dies Today Source Code app template Unlimited License
License: Unlimited License
No One Dies Today Source Code app template Unlimited License (game made with cocos2d)