Unity Cloning Color Switch source code and course

Get the complete course: Unity Clone the Color Switch Game for iOS and Android phones
In this course I will show you how to build and program a clone of the top video game called Color Switch where the player controls a ball that bounces which can only pass through obstacles that correspond with a color. We will be Using the Unity game engine to do that.

You don't know what Unity is or you've never used Unity? Or you think you don't know enough to make a professional game with Unity?
Hear me:
I will show you every single steps in the video lectures. You will learn how to program all the code to make the ball bounce, change color, collide with other shapes, build the menu user interface, and control the player score.
You will also learn how to draw all types of shapes such as triangles, rectangles, circles and crosses and you will get to animate them.Finally, we will go through all the steps to publish the game to the Google Play store and the iTunes app store.This course has all you need to go from zero to hero. come join the community of game students.
See you in the course forum.
Remember this: Simple games are often the best. Color Switch is a simple premise, you bounce a ball and pass through obstacles that correspond with a color.

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