Trivia Quiz iPhone game Pro Edition Source Code made with Swift

This is the source code of a fully working iPhone Trivia game made with Swift.
Easy to reskin, with about a 10 images. This is a classic, must-have game for anyone serious to have a complete app portfolio.

The game contains 12 categories. Each category can contain as many questions as you want to. The more questions, the more time people will play your game and the more advertising revenue will get generated with iAD and Chartboost. 
The questions are easy to enter yourself. It's a text file with one question and 4 answers for each entry. The first answer is always the correct one while the 3 others are wrong ones.
The game comes with iAD and Chartboost for advertising revenues.
Made with xcode 6.3+ and the latest Swift (mid 2015)

Great if you have taken this course:

Other notables:
- Easy to add 2x retina images and 3x retina using the images.xcassets folder.
- uses gamecenter leaderboard
- enter chartboost IDs in
- ads frequency customizable at the beginning of the viewcontroller.m file
- game comes with 3 sounds
- feel free to reuse sounds and images for other games.

Happy Reskinning and good luck in the app store

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Trivia Single license
License: Individual License (one time use)
Get to use the source code for only one game.
Trivia Unlimited use of the source code
License: Unlimited License
Get to use the source code for as many iPhone games as you wish to.