Get started with app reskinning

What is App reskinning?

Well basically, app reskinning is a process by which you modify an already existing app and tweak it to make it look different. You modify its graphics, assets, music, sound effects and design but leave the code as is. What you'll end up with is the same working app, but with a different "skin", a different visual appearance built according to your own creativity and ideas.
Many appreneurs have ventured into this app flipping business as a quicker way to get an app published to the App Store in order to generate streaming revenues. You can read more about the benefits of app flipping and app reskinning.

I heard you make it easy to build an app from scratch without knowing any coding! I'm really new at this, I have a lot of ideas on how I'd like my game to be, but I don't know how to code apps!

Well, don't worry, you are not alone. At, we want to make it easy for you to understand the mechanics, and we'll show you step by step how to get started with making your own app. You will find various quality game source codes on the site which come with the online app reskinning video tutorial presented by Yohann Taieb. The lucky app source codes who make it on Appsfresh have been carefully selected by Yohann whose motto is "quality game sources codes rather than quantity".

Video: App Reskinning in Real Life

      App Reskinning in Real Life: Goldfish Food Package into Goldfish Color

I'm really motivated about creating my app. Where do I start?

You will somehow need to get your hands on a game source code. This is the first step. It would also help you greatly to get a source code with an online video tutorial that goes with it. It is definitely much easier and more fun to follow an app reskinning video tutorial as you go along with creating your game. This should get your app published to the App Store much quicker as well.
We do offer several online app reskinning courses on Appsfresh which come with a full game source code and tons of tips and information.
Check out our app reskinning video courses.

We have selected an app reskinning tutorial which is called "Publish your own Flappy Bird clone game" to show you how many of our online video courses work and how to get your feet wet with the app reskinning business.
You may also find the "Publish your own Flappy Bird clone" app reskinning video tutorial with its game source code.
Once in possession of your app source code, follow the tutorial below and you'll realize that app reskinning does not require any coding experience.

App Reskinning Tutorial

Initial Setup

  1. How to get the Apple Developer License
  2. How to obtain your Apple Developer Certificate for distribution
  3. How to get and install Xcode
  4. How to check that your game works in Xcode and on the iPhone Simulator
  5. How to create a Provisioning Profile and a bundle ID
  6. How to create your app in the iTunes Connect Dashboard
  7. How to set up iAd and Leaderboards

Advertising Networks Provisioning Profiles

  1. How to set up Revmob and Chartboost advertising networks
  2. How to set up your AdMob Advertising Account

Reskinning Process

  1. How to set up Revmob and Chartboost advertising networks
  2. How to modify the main game graphics
  3. How to modify the game sounds

Game Settings

  1. How to add the game settings
  2. How to create iTunes test user for testing Leaderboards
  3. How to troubleshoot your Game Center Leaderboards

Publishing the game

  1. Testing your game before publishing it to the iTunes App Store
  2. How to enable LIVE mode in the AdMob panel
  3. Publishing your game to the App Store

You could also purchase the source code that comes with the app reskinning video tutorial directly here if you cannot wait or if reading gets you tired!