Summary: Nicole H., winner of the 2014 Halloween App Reskinning Tournament explains how she boasted 20000+ downloads using a minimal graphic approach in her block game called Amazing Pillar



Note: At some point in the podcast, Nicole is giving away a great freebie. Make sure you listen to the entire podcast

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Amazing Pillar from Make them stack source code reskin


Brief History of Developer

Nicole Hofmann is a graphic designer and she has been freelancing for advertising agencies for many years. She is running a design studio called “Barracuda Designs” in Barcelona, Spain. Recently she started her app business with the aim of making high quality apps. Her focus lies on great designs that follow the app’s functionality.



Note: If you’re looking for graphic design services from Nicole, such as icons, screenshots, or HUD items, make sure you say you saw her info on to get a 15% discount from her.

Other Applications she’s Developed


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The reason why this app is special and stands out from its competitors

Amazing Pillar has got a sleek design with vibrant colors. Every element of the game has been carefully designed for maximum performance. The game is very easy to pick up, fun to play and hard to stop. It is the ideal game when you are on the go and you have got a spare minute

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