Egg Fall iOS Source Code App Reskin from our tournament participants


Participants of the AppsFresh App Reskinning Tournament Summer 2014 have been very busy!
We wanted to give you a glimpse at what our participants are doing with the Egg Fall Game App Reskin in the U.S iTunes App Store. We definitely can notice some amazing app reskinning skills, check out that talent!

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Gladiator Round Robin with “Birdie Fall”


birdie fall app tournament 2014 App Store

Birdie Fall will test your reflex skills and ability to problem solve, despite its simple design. Your ultimate impossible goal is to continually guide your basket while catching little birds in order to score as many points as you can.


Gladiator Matthias Flür with “Paper Universe – Drag the Rocket”

catch the aliens app reskinning tournament summer 2014

This game will escape you the a universe that is made out of paper.
The gameplay is simple: Just drag your rocket to the left or to the right to catch all the aliens.


Gladiator Jose Gil with “Leaky Roof”

leaky roof app reskinning tournament summer 2014.jpg

It has been raining for days and your roof has given up and begun to leak. You now come home to find your room flooded and you have to catch the drops before it reaches the point outlets. Miss a drop and you are zapped.


Gladiator Ulrik Motzfeldt with “Gift Fall”

gift fall app reskinning tournament summer 2014

Christmas Gifts are falling from the sky!
Don’t let them crash on the ground. Use the Santa Sleigh to catch them all!


Gladiator Elie Sleimen with “Lollipops -Candy Store Catch The Lollipop”

catch the lollipops app reskinning tournament summer 2014.jpg

New Lollipop adictive fun gameplay. Are you up for the challenge?
- Catch the Falling Lollipops
- control the jar with your finger
- catch as much as lollipops as you can!


Gladiator Robert Boehme with “Basketball Fall”

basketball fall app reskinning tournament summer 2014

A simple and addictive fun game!
Just catch the basketball as fast as you can.


Gladiator Kerr Almario with “Pirates Catcher”

pirates catcher app reskinning tournament summer 2014

All you have to do is to catch all the pirates that are falling! Catch as many as you can and get to the number 1 on our leaderboard!


Gladiator Paul Chang with “CUP CATCH Falling Soccer Ball from Around the World”

Cup Catch Falling Soccer Ball iTunes App Store

Catch like a superstar
It’s Simple & Crazy Fun! You’ve just Won the 2014 Soccer Trophy Cup.


Gladiator Doug Harper with “Caribbean Catch”

caribbean catch app reskinning tournament summer 2014.jpg

Grab your Coconut and save our tropical island! Catch the umbrellas as they rain down, faster… faster… faster.
This is a simple but addictive game that turns a few idle minutes into an enjoyable break. Calypso music and thoughts of your next vacation will brighten your day.


Gladiator Charles Lemon with “Falling Coconuts”

Falling Coconuts Game iTunes App Store

You’re stranded on this beautiful island with only coconuts to eat.
Problem is you can only get them when the monkeys are playing in the trees and knock the coconuts down.


Gladiator John Angemi with “Meteor Fall”

Meteor Drop Game iTunes App Store

Do you enjoy simple enjoyable and addictive games? Meteor Drop will keep you entertained during your free time.
Your mission should you choose to accept it: Stop the Meteor’s from Crashing into Earth.



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